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I'm a big fan of audio books as I can listen while doing other things, but there are many books to read and, anyway, I love holding the "real thing" in my hands from time to time.  Lately, the act of reading has taken over my knitting time and getting into a good mystery completely takes over any spare time.


The project on the needles is Susan's Beach Glass (Susan has returned to blogland!), in a very interesting yarn, Anzula Breeze, a silk/linen blend. It's going to be lovely (if it ever has a chance to be finished).

Yarn Alonging with Small Things.


Beach Glass is going to be awesome in that yarn! Can you read and knit at the same time? I can if it's socks or something else that's very simple.

As you know, I read all the time. I like a mix of audio books, ebooks, and the Real Deal! (Fit for Purpose.) I've wanted to knit a Beach Glass for . . . ever! Yours is going to be lovely.

Yep, me too! I've been spending a lot f my knitting time reading. Enjoying it!

My maternal grandmother read poetry and books while knitting at the same time. Her fingers were her knitting eyes. Unfortunately I did not inherit that skill. Your shawl will be lovely!

Sometimes you just have to pick up the real thing and use your eyes for the experience instead of your ears. I so completely understand. And, the Beach Glass is perfectly lovely and the color is so darned cheery!! Happy Hump Day!

Knitting and reading (or listening) a bit during the day makes the day that much nicer.

Beach glass is going to be lovely. I enjoy my nook for "potato chip books", but I agree that holding the real thing is wonderful too. If I only had the room for more real books. Oh, and time away from the farm stuff.

Yay for reading!! :) Yay for lovely Beach Glass! :)

Beach Glass was one of my favorite knits....maybe it's time for another one. :-) Yours is going to be lovely!

I've been reading on my kindle quite a bit, mostly because I toss it in my bag, so it's always there.

I too am a listening reader. When my knitting passion began, I found me bookmarks stalled. Now I have the opportunity to indulge in both pleasures. (Listening to Louise Penny's latest)

Oh, your silk/linen Beach Glass is going to be so very wonderful. I love it already. xo

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