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Frankly Friday


Frankly, I meant to come back with another post this week, but time gets away from me and good intentions are derailed. My work place has been crazy-busy this week (and will stay that way for a while), which gives me little to no time for checking out the "net". Frankly, I barely have time for tea. (Apple courtesy of a co-worker who has a tree full!)

Smokyhazymorningsep 19

The smoky, hazy days are getting to me, but a cool front moving through should move out the smoke come Monday. But, frankly, the skies have been quite beautiful and unusual just before sunrise.

Frankly, next week is going to be a blast!! Monday, Book Club (25th year!!),Tuesday, SnB (time to see peeps!), and Thursday? Well, all the fun starts to happen! First, Kym arrives and, frankly, I can't wait to meet her IRL!  Later than night (yawn) Carole arrives and I can't wait for a Carole hug!  We have planned a fun, full, lovely weekend of sight-seeing, knitting, retreating and all that goes with grrlfriend meet ups.  I plan on a Monday post, but can't really say whether I can fit anything in beyond that, but I will be back. (Frankly, I have a huge grin on my face already!)


Can't WAIT!!!!! :-)

Frankly I'm so bummed I can't be there next week, but am so happy that you will get a Carole hug! You grrls will have a blast!

Frankly, I can't wait! 6 more sleeps!

We've made it through another work week. yay. Relax, prepare and enjoy this weekend and get ready to have a wonderful wonderful time next week. Sounds enviable!!! Happy Friday, grrlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday grrlfriend. Frankly.

I cannot wait for the retreat, and some serious fun...see ou friday

Who is Frank!!!!

Frankly I am happy to be able to read your postings! Have a great time next weekend with the grrls!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your grrrl time!

Oh, good things ahead! :D Since work is crazy-busy here, I completely understand. Hang in there!!

Have a wonderful weekend and following week!

I charged Carol with giving you a hug from me...won't you do the same greeting from me to Carol? Seems like I've "known" the two of you for years on your blogs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

It'll be a great weekend. And looking forward to seeing you Sunday - I've missed you!

Frankly, I can see how getting back to the blog might be a challenge given all that's going on in your world.

Have a wonderful time! I know you will... and I'll be thinking of all of you and remembering. I hope Carole gets to see her moose! ;)

Sounds perfect. Simply perfect.

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