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August 17, 2012


I've never been one to have a lot of projects going at once. I like to have socks, a shawl, and then maybe one other thing. Too much is overwhelming and nothing gets done. Your Beach Glass is lovely.

Process, grrl. Just think process. Lovely color.

Since I had back surgery, I have found multi-tasking much harder which includes working on more than one or two projects at a time...you are not alone. Lovely, lovely shawls!!

What Laurie said, but I completely understand the overwhelmed part. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think there is a rule stating how many projects one is allowed -- so, do whatever you want and have fun.

"Keep on keepin' on," as someone once profoundly said. ;)

The weekend awaits! I hope yours is great.

At least Beach Glass will keep getting smaller and easier!

Not overwhelming yourself is a very good thing. :)

No matter what people think, we can only do what we can do. Lovely color and a simple enough pattern. What a nice combination.

I've hit a point where I just can't seem to start more than one or two projects at a time. I like to push through on one thing at a time, and it does stress me out to have my focus divided!

We all have our own comfort levels. Do it your way and enjoy the process.

Lovely color. I've pondered that shawl a couple of times. Sometimes I have to cast on many projects. I find it helps my ADD. :D

Oooh! I love Beach Glass, and it keeps calling to me. I keep thinking about some handspun that I think could be lovely. I just need to check yardage. Just thinking about that frightens me a bit. Still, I think it would be perfect. I also think that the diminishing rows of Beach Glass is a great idea for me right now. xo

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