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July 03, 2012


Thank goodness for grrlfriends!! I'm glad you're back on track and hope it's smooth sailing to the end. Can't wait to see.

I make some wild mistakes, too, and feel pretty fortunate when I'm able to get through a project without a screw up of some sort.

It looks like perfect colors to finish for 4th of July! I'm glad you were able to fix the error and get back on track so easily even though it must have been frustrating to rip out so much knitting.

Too funny! That is something I would do. At least you don't have to reknit because of a mistake in the rows. You rip, and keep going. Better mistake. Have a great fourth!

Oh, crap, Sweetie. I do that stuff all the bloody time!!! We are truly sisters in the fluff;-P Enjoy your 4th and stay cool!! I intend to hibernate til the sun goes down. I'm beginning to feel like a vampire.

Good timing for SnB, so you hadn't gone further! O.O

Hope you and Smith have a great holiday. :)

I always thought sticking to the pattern as written can be quite boring! :)

I am almost sure you could have just left them there and continue to the edge as you will have leftovers of all three colors at the end of knitting the pattern as written according to my experience (CAx4), although it would have made your final Color Affection less asymmetrical! but I am sure not less beautiful!

I made the exact same mistake of the 3 extra rows before going into the Plucky forum on Rav and confirmed my suspicions. I wish I had warned you to save you the frog fest. I think it should be plainly stated on the pattern as many, many people have made the same error. You'll fly along with the rest of it. It looks beautiful! Happy Fourth and Full Moon tonight too!

Oh My

I am knitting away and thought the same thing, that you just keep knitting until you run out of stitches. I had better check the pattern!!!!

Yep.....story of my knitting life too...LOL. It definitely is a process. :-)

Happy 4th!!!

Oh, I did the same thing without realizing it until now. Funny. The shawl is finished and I'm still alive.

Thanks for the cautionary tale. I'm about to start that section now. Love your attitude.

Happy Independence Day!

Back on track! You can do it - it's going to be a great shawl when it's done!!

Well, it looks terrific and you're having fun, so what the heck. :-) I hope your 4th is relaxing!

Oh I get ya on that one. Looks lovely though and I'm sure the end result will be wonderful!

We've all, well at least the normal ones of us, been there on that little omitting the actual directions thing. I've decided it must be the knitter equivalent of the driver, often male, who says, "I don't need to stop for directions. I know where I'm going." And it knitting that often means you should be taking a handbasket, too. ;^) But, it is only knitting.

Oh, Margene. I can so relate. The reading-the-directions thing gets me every time! :-)

It can be so grumpifying when the directions you thought you read turn out to not be the directions at all...
At least it was an easy fix.

One of the nice things about knitting is that mistakes usually aren't lifethreatening! Good thing we aren't surgeons.

Grumpifying! HaHaHa.

I have done that same thing. Not with this pattern, but with 50 others!

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