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July 02, 2012


What a beautiful sight for sore eyes! Kudos to you both! Enjoy it in health and happiness. :-) Our local farmer also harvested his this weekend and has them spread out on screens to dry.

400? Too cool!!! I love fresh garlic on almost anything I cook. In fact, I'll add it even when the recipes don't call for it. I draw the line at chocolate cake, though;-P Thanks for sharing. I have a pot of yellow pear tomatoes. Hopefully, I'll have a harvest to share. have a good Monday!

Garlic is an essential ingredient in most cajun cooking--so yummy, and apparently good for you too! Did you see the recipe for garlic scape pesto on soulemama.com last Thursday? Looks like a recipe you could use! It will make me happy to think of all the good eating you and Smith will be doing for a long time.

Wow, that's a lot of garlic.

That is an amazing harvest! I'm looking forward to trying some come September!

Woohoo! Congratulations on a GREAT harvest!! It looks beautiful. ;)

YOWZA! 400 heads! We've got a little over a hundred still in the ground and we can't wait. Our favorite kitchen saying, "If a little garlic's good, a lot of garlic's better!" Enjoy, enjoy!

Wow! That's a crazy lot of garlic. Let me guess what everyone is getting for Christmas... ;)

Beautiful! Peaches appeared at the Farmer's Market this year. We've never had local peaches for the fourth before. This year's weather is really moving the "in season" timeline.

MMmMMM!! Home-grown garlic! That's a great crop!

Yum! Looks glorious.

Woo Hoo!

That's a great crop! I have tried to grow garlic twice and got it wrong both times. Smith must feel so accomplished! I see lots of yummy food in your future ;-)

My mouth is drooling. I love garlic. NICE haul Margene. Clearly somebody has a very green thumb.

That is really impressive!

I'm growing garlic for the first time this year--yay! it survived the winter--but there are only about ten of them out there:) --not enough to scare a self-respecting vampire at all

Garlic... *sigh*
I finally remembered to plant some last fall, and it was doing nicely until the lambs ate all of it.
Maybe next year there will be garlic.

MMmmm - sounds delicious. I love the vampire comment. ROTFL

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