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July 11, 2012


I've heard of eight of them, but have only used 5 in projects so far.

I can't see the pic for some reason. ??? The Cable Cast On in your second pic does tend to be my favorite because I don't have to figure out before starting how much yarn I will need for the cast on, I can just go to it.

Cable cast on is my favorite and the one I use the most. I've used 3 or 4 of the others but never Old Norwegian.

I am always amazed to find there are so many different techniques! What an awesome book.

Wow, I know less than half of those! But I use the four I know, plus tubular and German twisted, pretty variously. I'd like to learn that Old Norwegian--it's gorgeous.

I currently use 4 of them, but would love to learn more. Thanks for the post and opportunity!

I knew or used at least 4 of the cast on's. I'm convinced that casting on and off a certain can make a project more pleasing and functional. Great idea for a book!

I know 4 of them, which is amazing for a knitter who 56 years ago was taught backward loop...and had never heard of the others. It's satisfying to learn new things and "do" knitting in a better way.

Four. I learn every new one I can find. German twisted changed my knitting life for the better.

Cool book and a really handy reference tool. I'm familiar, and have used, 5.

I have used the long-tail, backwards loop, and the cable-cast on, and use all three regularly for various purposes. It would be awesome to be able to learn more!

I've used 4. Backward loop, both long tails and knitted. Really, really want to learn more~

I'm pretty sure I was taught, as a girl, using backward loop, quickly graduating to long-tail and that's my go-to method. I've used cable and knitted, also!

Sounds like a great resource!!

what a fantastic book!, I have only used knitted and cable as well, and would love to learn some others to help me expand my skills!


I've used about 6 before but usually fall back on my beloved long-tail.

I use three: long tailed, cable & backward loop. It would be great to learn some more cast on techniques!

I have used 4 I think - I tend not to remember the names so maybe more or less! :)

Looks like a nice book to own.

I know and use 3 - cable, backwards and chained. Thinking old norwegian is next on my list to learn!

I know 4, but I'm not sure which 4, as I didn't know there were two versions of long-tail, and I can't tell from the picture which one I do; I guess I need this book! I also "know" several versions of the tubular caston ("know" in quotes, because I have to look it up every time I want to use it), and a few more types of provisional caston (though now I just use backward loop for that).

I think I know 5 of the cast ons. They may have more than one name, usually do. Looks like a really nice reference book.

I have used seven, but I'd probably have to look up how to do three of them again. My go-to is the twisted German, which is the same as the nicely stretchy Old Norwegian.

I use long-tailed, backward loop, and cable cast on regularly--so, three out of eight are known and used. I've heard of the rest, but would have to learn or re-learn if I wanted to use them:)

I have used other cast-on's occasionally, if called for in a pattern. But those three are my go-to's. Long tailed was the first cast-on I learned.

Love the spiral binding which is so practical for a book of this type. Wish more publishers used it.

I know four, and now realize how much I still have to learn. :)

i actually know how to do 3 but unless i have to do a button hole i only use 1. my mom taught me the cable cast on and that is the one i use most. thanks for the chance to win

What a great resource! I have used 5 of the cast-on techniques, but I usually use the long-tail.

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