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July 26, 2012


Please tell the gentlemen that they make lovely models!

Oh, yum, potatoes.
Most adorable models ever.
I wish you ran the world.

The boys in the shawls - superb. And the smiles are even better. Wonder if Cheryl will divulge the potato stack recipe.

Smith and The Pontiff shall make me smile all day long...heh.

I adore that picture of Smith and Larry!

Now that the temperatures have dropped down below 100, I'm happy and in no hurry for the end of summer.

Potato stacks are here, though I took a tip from Vicki and put the sliced potatoes in a bowl and toss them with the olive oil, rather than brushing each slice individually with a pastry brush.

So agree with you Margene. Lovely photo's.

Your pictures certainly do convey the fun of the weekend! I'm in love with your pole bean tipi as well.

Love the knitted goods and they certainly make wearers look mighty happy! The potato stacks are going to be on our weekend menu as well. Thanks for the link, Cheryl.

With two gents such as those, fun has to be around every corner!

Those shawls are beautiful and your models are the best but I want to see your finished Color Affection, pretty pretty please! :)

It looks like the guys thoroughly enjoyed modeling the shawls. Just look at those grins!
If I could have my way, there would be 5 day weekends and 2 day workdays. ;)
I printed out the recipe. They look yummy!

What a lovely weekend. I'm not sure which photo I like better... the potato stacks which made my mouth water - or the husbands modeling. OK - I think the men win! Such good sports. I'm so glad to see you're enjoying the summer.

I love the great picture of the guys proudly modeling their wives amazing knitting!! Life is good, right?!

Lovely shawls (and models)! Those potato stacks do look yummy... And the Rav bag is quite nifty. Our humidity broke, so today we have lovely blue skies...

You can rule the world any day - I'm with you on extended weekends!!

The boys are fabulous!

BTW, the boys make such a lovely couple, don't they? LOL.

I love your models. Were there cocktails involved? Both shawls are quite lovely and a 4 day weekend is an amazing gift. Now, back to the grind;-P Oh, no, wait!! Today is Friday. Happy weekend, Sweetie!!!!

That photo of Smith and The Pontiff modeling shawls is officially the cutest shawl FO photo EVER!! They are glowing ;-)

I LOVE this picture of Smith and Larry!!!!

I am in love with summer! Would you or Cheryl consider posting the potato stacks recipe? Thanks to the two good sports for modeling your latest beautiful works; Smith even wore a matching shirt!

Love! xoxo

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