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June 05, 2012


A desert of cocktail accouterments! That made me laugh out loud. We have LOTS of cocktail accouterments where I live - let me know what you want and I'll send it to you!

Now, I'm thirsty.

Retro glass for retro mix. Perfect. Does it make you feel better to know I have NONE?

I've always had a hard time cutting the scapes - they're just so darn pretty...

Have you tried baker's sugar? It's ultra fine and might do in a pinch. I love the glass and that Lemontini looks yummy. And, I have not had garlic scapes. Must try them next year. We're a bit past that stage here;-P

Oh, those glasses are perfect and the beverage looks very refreshing!!

The glasses are wonderful!

Love the glasses!

Oh, I love those little glasses!!! When I make martini's, I just use regular suger...works fine. :-)

Very cool glasses!

What lovely glasses. I'd be tempted to put on a skirt and some lipstick while enjoying an afternoon cocktail!

LOL! Cracking up along with Carole! Use regular sugar. Glad you enjoyed your garlic scopes again this year. I really need to plant a bunch this fall. It somehow fell off the radar- prob due to our freaky snowstorm and power outage.

Those glasses! Love them! :-)

Go to gotmartini.com. They have loads of differently flavored cocktail sugars to rim your lovely glasses.

I use regular sugar. Just use the inside of the lemon you squeezed to dampen the rim and run them through a small bowl of sugar. Yum. Wish I could find a martini that good on my vacay!
Love the glasses.

Those are great glasses! A good martini in em doesn't hurt a bit either. :)

Oh, garlic scapes. Our market hasn't had them yet. Try chopping them up and adding to risotto, or soups. Yum!

Have to agree with CindyCindy - Baker's Sugar works like a treat and dissolves when shaken in an adult beverage. (Comes in a box that looks like a half-gallon milk jug in your baking section)

How have I reached the age of decrepitude and never heard of garlic scapes???

I'm thirsty too. Alas, we never have martinis at home-----ever...

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