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June 13, 2012


Another connection, girl. I have been feeding the birds forever. I adore watching them and hearing the birdsong. They start up here at about 5:30 every morning and that is when both Grover and i wake up to their songs. It's so wonderful. Happy Hump Day, Sweetie!!!

On my way! I NEED that book!

I love my backyard for many reasons . . . but mostly, it's for the Bird Joy I find there.

Enjoy your day, Margene.

I really like visiting The King's English when I'm in SLC. Thanks for the link!

I'm sure the book will be a real treasure.

I may need to look for thsi book. I knew the author's name sounded familiar - because I just read an article - can't remember where - about her. How her mother told her she was leaving her journals to her and how important they were to her. When her mother passed she looked for the journals and found a ton of them - yet they were all blank. This lead the author to begin writing her own memories, thoughts etc. Very interesting article.

I love waking to the sound of birds singing! Thanks for the links. ;)

I spy sky shawl.

We're all bird watchers around here, too. There is a family of sparrows that have a next in my window at my office at the COA and I am listening to them flit around and chirp right now.

That is so cool I just heard about the book yesterday too, love her work,it fills my cup.
Here I have all sorts of birds around me from chickens to bald eagles but love watching the swallows do their aerial dance.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the book.

sounds fascinating! can't wait to hear your full review.

Thanks for the recommendation, it's on the list.

I keep my hummingbird feeder scrupulously full for my hummers and find I feed half the Nor Cal bird population with it ;-) I've even got a family of Orioles...who knew?si

I'm reading that book, too! I heard her on NPR (I think it was To the Best of Our Knowledge) and had to have it. The first chapter is my favorite, but I'm not too far into it yet.

Are you going to embroider some birds into your sky shawl? ;)

Thanks for another book recommendation! I'm always on the lookout and you and I have similar tastes, I think, in reading material in a lot of genres!

I was wondering around Ketchum several years ago and dropped into a lttle bookstore to find Terry Tempest Williams reading from a collection of her essays. I was enthralled. Her Refuge is one of my favorite books of all time. I will be putting this new book in my hands!

We don't have scrub jays in Boise, so I was delighted to see them again just yesterday as we walked the gardens at Huntington Library.

Happy day, Margene.

Yay! Thank you for keeping my reading list going! xoxo

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