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May 29, 2012


By whatever name they're called, that's 10 really great things!! ;)

I'm with you on the word "goals". :) Great list of things to do there!

These will add up to a beautiful summer!

I also hate the word "goals"... But I really like some of yours!

I think your goals will lead you to a great summer!

Ten is done tooken care of already. You rock that. Nine is my biggest goal, but I need to be able to get people into the house (re: large humongous pup) first. I am trying very very hard with the hot complaining thing, but here in Middle Earth we have been going from 70 to 95 a couple of times a week and I'm worn out. Hugs, Sweetie!!!

LOVE your list! It's going to be a GREAT summer!

I can't imagine you smiling, giving or loving more than you already do! I also think you are going to have an awesome summer!

Great list!

A wonderful list with some really great reminders of what is truly important!

Excellent goals!

Goal has always been a struggle for the little girl inside of me too....I totally get it because I usually fail.

I love #9 best of all because it has been always been a challenge for me since we moved north...host anxiety. I'm working on it too. :-)


I love your ToT. Upbeat! Optimistic! Martinis!

Sounds like you have the perfect recipe for summer!

Wonderful list Margene and #9 is so important!

What a great surprise to see MY house on YOUR blog! At first it threw me off, I wasn't sure what I was looking at! haha.

No mystery to the martini:http://www.drinksmixer.com/recipes/10114/


Great list! I think this will be a wonderful summer for you!

I might just take your list and call it mine. On to summer!

I agree with Gale, and think you list is well worth stealing and fulfilling for a happy summer!

I love your list and find inspiration in it. xo

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