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April 17, 2012


Oh, your lovely sky photos! Ours has been interesting the last few days -- with the exception of the rainy Sunday morning -- with some dramatic changes in the weather!

I am behind... thankfully, catching up on a few other things... perhaps I can carve out some "sky time" this weekend.

Keep your eye to the sky grrlfriend.

What a beautiful idea!!

I love your sky scarf! Very pretty.

Your scarf is gorgeous!

Three cheers for good brain function!

I have been twisting the yarns together up the side edge... I do have to stop and spend time rewinding and detangling periodically. Weaving in ends is one chore that I often save for Knit Night; seems to go so much faster when I am chatting with dear friends.

A ptoject that resembles a diary...clever and beautiful!

Great weather striping! Can't wait to see this finished. :-)

love the idea of this project and it is so very you. i do not however, envy you all those ends ;-)

I love it! You're "illustrating" your sky journal in multi-media!

It's beautiful and good for you for picking it back up. I need to get going again on my sock blanket.

And a journal in fiber of a year of skies. Such a cool idea and such a beautiful scarf. The ends are a tad daunting if you wait until the end;-P Happy Hump Day, Sweetie!!!!!

Lovely! Isn't it great when you find the love again?

YAY! for the knitting! Your scarf is a whole lot of fun and great memories tied up with string!

The scarf is coming along, and the concept is just getting more and more amazing. I may do that next year.

Did I tell you I love your countdown til summer? Longest day of the year!

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