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April 02, 2012


Beautiful garden shots! We're going to put our potatoes in on Saturday and after a very wet week, I cannot wait. I've been listening to Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Mineral for inspiration. I hope this week offers more opportunities for laughter.

Nice way to spend the evening! The weather has pretty much cooperated with you. My iPhone told me SLC had temps in the 70s yesterday/today. We are seasonably cool.

Evenings on the patio sounds good to me especially when some nice drinks are involved and your photos are as lovely as usual.

Sounds like a lovely weekend! We were supposed to have temps in the low 80s, but didn't get within 30F of that Saturday. Finally hit 66F late Sunday...

How wonderful that you got to spend an evening on the patio. It hasn't been warm enough at night hear for that yet but I'm hoping we can have a fire in the fire pit soon.

So glad you were able to spend some time on on the patio and relax a bit.

Sorry, Carole already sent me to Kym's. Alphabetical order strikes again!


Hey! Nice cloud photo ;) It was great!

So glad it's gardening season again! Can't wait to hear about your adventures this year. :-)

We're about 2 weeks ahead of you, maybe 3. So very unusual. The garlic looks wonderful. Do you braid it? I have always loved that. I expect rain later today, so the plants and grass are growing like mad. I do wonder if we're in for another freeze. We're not safe until the end of April, beginning of May (normally). Hugs, girl!!!!!

We are really beginning to see spring weather! After a tumultuous storm Saturday morning, Sunday was one of the glorious days to hit San Francisco only a few times a year and I was lucky enough to be there! Now, we are working on the set-up to start Japanese indigo seeds. Enjoy the spring coming on:)

Love your photos Margene! The garlic looks great; I wish our garden was back in working form (won't happen this year). Veggie gardens are such a joy.

Sounds perfect. I love the photo of your shadow in the garden! Miss you - hope you're having a great time.

After years of forgetting to plant my garlic, last fall I finally remembered! I'm excited to see shoots coming up already.
Love your garden pics. Your climate is ahead of ours, so I look at your gardening and dream about what's coming soon for me...

We are anxious about the garden too. While our seeds are sprouting and thriving I am a bit worried that they will be ready to go outside soon - but the weather won't be ready for them. I'll figure this gardening thing out one day....

Garden adventures! It is so hard to keep up with everyday life that I can't imagine putting one in, so I'm happy to enjoy reports about yours!

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