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April 18, 2012


I'm thinkin' you & Smith may be doing duck rescue at some point! I imagine those ducklings will want to wander further than the roof allows before they're able to fly.

Love the color of Luciole and can't wait to see it finished -- glad you're on the way. Sometimes it takes me... um, more than two times through for things to become clear.
; )

So cute! Last night I dreamed about living in a house where I could look out a window and see birds nesting under the eaves. It's all your fault.

your carport roof is moonlighting as a nest - so sweet! wonder if there will be any baby ducks up there?

and your luciole...the color is AMAZING. so rich and lovely. definitely worth approaching the border a second time and getting it right.

Love BOTH your Lucys!

Oh, I wonder if your Lucy the duck is a mallard? Hopefully you'll see some adorable little ducklings soon!

Oh yes, that's a Mama Mallard. What a lovely spot for her nest! But I agree with Vicki - how are those ducklings going to get down?

Sometimes you just gotta rip. I'm glad it wasn't the whole thing though that that would have smarted something fierce! Love your mama duck and her new found name. Very apropos. I guess you'll have to build a large wading pool below for the ducklings to plop into like on National Geographic? Lol.

I think Lucy has picked a wonderful home above you and Smith.

So glad everything is back on track with Red Lucy and hope all goes well with carport Lucy.


I was just strolling through my Google Reader and trying to figure out which blogs I like most. Then I realized how much I enjoy going through them alphabetically and saving yours for last (Z and all, you know). You always end my blog reading on a positive note and I look forward to your upbeat posts with great photography. Keep up the great work! Thanks for all you post.

Lucy the shawl is growing nicely and Lucy the duck is so dear I can hardly stand it. What a sweet picture of a not very bright duck. Hope she and her babies remain safe. Hugs!!!!

I think the brain builds the necessary connections during the rip and timeout so that the second try is easier.

The duck is wonderful! I, too, hope all goes well for her.

There's an expression about someone being "an odd duck" - I think they had Lucy in mind...

Love the duck!

What a wonderful red that yarn is! I love the duck photo best, though.

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