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March 26, 2012


Here's hoping you have some time to relax during this busy week!

We're back to being chilly and rainy here. *shivers*

The yarn is spectacular, and feels so nice!

It's beautiful.

Shoosh,,, just reading your bullets made my head spin, poor you!

I hope you will manage all those obligatory activities and then some knitting too.

I love knitting with Make.Do.Dream and this red is most spectacular.

Oh, they're all wound up already!! ; )

Busy here, too.

~ completely understand the need for bullets!
~ when did time start to move so quickly? when did I start needing more of it to accomplish the mundaneness of life?
~ your colors are perfect, as is the name of the yarn.
~ what book will you be discussing? how wonderful to have been a group for so long!
~ namaste, margene.

Very newsy post, grrl! It's good to have an update, but life does busy. I have had to give up my book club due to their early meeting time and my time constraints. My motto now for living? At my age, I'm gonna keep doing everything that I can as long as I can because the time will come (all too soon) when I won't be able. Have a great week!

Those yarn colors are stunning. I hope you find time to step back, take some deep breaths, and just be in the moment.

I hear you on time that evaporates into thin air. Those colors will make a fabulous Color Affection! And the yarn is all that much more special too. Perfect name for it.

You summed it up perfectly...time is fleeting! Unless you're waiting in line.

I call that a "running-with-my-hair-on-fire" week. Sorry you're having one. . . but it sounds like you have some lovely stuff packed in there, too -- along with some truly gorgeous yarn. Remember to breathe, Margene! Namaste.

Crazy week, but you're all ready to knit. Sounds like you've got your priorities in order.

Bullet points so work. And a full life is a good life.

You sound very busy with some wonderful group of people. I can only imagine how great it is to have a book club that's been together for 25 years. Those must be some amazing friendships. Enjoy your time... we'll be here when you get back. Enjoy!

No it's not fair - and I have been feeling just as you do lately. Maybe it's the coming of Spring and the need to get more done now that the nicer weather is approaching. You are not alone. Nice yarn for Color Affection! I have to do some stash diving for that project soon.

How the heck did we manage to get so busy in 8 years?? I feel your post!!! Beautiful yarn from Vicki!!!

Great post even so! When I saw that yarn I thought of Vicki's shawl, which I totally love, I've no doubt yours will be equally wonderful. I find my "things I want to be doing" far outstrip real world time, too. Dont' you wonder about people who find time to be "bored"?

Oooh! I like what you have chosen for your new color affection!

I hope you find the time to rest in all of this busyness!


When I saw the yarn, the first thing I thought of was 'Color Affection'... I think I want to knit one of those too. Yours will be gorgeous in those colors!

Ahem..I happen to be very fond of bullet points!

I love the thought of your book club having met for 25 years - incredible. I so wish we had one around here ... may be time to start one. Love the bullet points too - succinct.

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