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The Sky Report

I may be stuck in a picture rut, as the only sky photos on my camera are of the mountain, the mountain which is the predominate part of my view, Mt Olympus.  Even when we walk along the Jordan River, miles from our home, my eye searches out Mt. Oly. 

If you live on the east side of SLC, and your view looks towards the Wasatch, Mt. Oly will encompass a large part of the view, albeit, not necessarily the same vantage point. As close as we are to the mountain, its majesty awes, even though it is not the tallest of the range.

This may turn out to be an amazing fail of a project, but my hope is to see it through until the end of the year.  The ends of this grand experiment may or may not be under control by then, but they show just how variable our sky has been.  I knit the weeks sky colors every Sunday night, so this photo represents the sky through Feb 5.


Margene, I look forward to your blog posts, especially your sky/mountain pictures. I thought of doing a sky scarf, started keeping track of the sky colors, then just let it go. Enjoy knitting your scarf and thanks for sharing.

I am so far behind, and really need to catch up! Life has been full of distractions and I haven't had time to perfect a system.

Pictures are gorgeous! Are you feeling more comfortable with your new camera?

If we had mountains here, I'm sure they'd be featured in nearly every picture I took, too! :)

I'm facinated by the sky scarf but oh all those ends to weave in!

Pretty, but fringe-y ;)

I think we're going to have a big section of gray coming up.

What wonderful photos! I am enjoying the Sky Project, and my yarn is nice, but I am wondering if I will wear it at the end... maybe we can sew the ends together and have cowls that doublewrap! Happy weekend:)

I love riding with you and looking out the car windshield and seeing your mountain! What if you turned the ends into fringe? Would that work?

You walk along the Jordan river?

Your sky report look promising to me! :)

Loving the sky scarf, but oh my!! All those ends to weave in!!

Love the barometer of sky colors in your scarf. I think you should braid or twist the ends to make a fringe otherwise you'll drive yourself batsh^t trying to weave them all in. Unless of course one was to do it as you went along and not at the end.

My mom is doing a sky scarf, and she's weaving the ends in as she goes. It's a pain however you do it! (I like the idea of fringe!)

I don't think there is a dye out there that can completely capture the Utah blue. Be that as it may, your scarf will be a fun distraction!

Seeing it through surely means it cannot be a fail, right?

Love love love your scarf!

There's talk of rain early next week. Maybe that will help you have a slightly different sky for a while.

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