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Lazy, Busy? Who Knows

Before I do anything else I need to let you know about JessaLu's annual blogiversary contest!!  You need to get over there and comment.  You should also do all you can to tell the world about the contest.  JessaLu's contests are legendary and well worth your just DO it. 

You did it, right? Went to JessaLu's...ok, well, then you can continue reading my saga of laziness and blog ennui. Well, truthfully, this isn't much of a saga, either.  (Speaking of did watch Downton Abbey, didn't you? What a wonderful "soap"!  I'm not a soap opera fan, but I did enjoy hanging around Downton this season.)

Hey! It finally snowed, but it barely made 4".  There isn't much winter around here, but it is cold, very cold.  The skies have been mostly gray, but the blue skies show up almost everyday late in the day.

Cookie has been pulling for the gloves knit with Joan's handspun and I have been knitting the beautiful Blue Sky gloves from time to time.

However, right after I took this pictures I found a mistake and had to take it back nearly an inch and a half. Forward progress has slowed....well, actually, it has stopped because I need to find my place.

This is the No Longer a Mystery Sock, now renamed Kelmscott. I love it, the pattern created by traveling stitches and bobbles is lovely and I will continue to work on them when the muse calls.  They are low on the knitting priority list.

There is more knitting to report, more about the sky scarf, more on a beautiful finished project, and the beginnings of another (one or two), but I need to get going and you need to get over to JessaLu's.  Tell her I sent you.  Start spreading the news!


Sharing about JessLu's contest... Sneaked a look here while waiting for my "other end" to hook up in the Caribbean. I'm guessing that after Carnival weekend, their internet might not be working .... or they're all hung over... or something. :) XOXO

Love you! (And got your note, and sorry it took me so long to mention it -- THANK YOU!!)

Glove love!

We had an inch or two of snow last night, but since it's 34 right now, the snow's not going to stick around.

This winter is the weirdest I experienced so far in a cold area of our world.

I actually congratulated Jess before coming to read you, sorry, the same happened with our Cookie's mention and me,,, now I don't make sense.

Maybe we need to tell Jessalu to add some rule about the ones we see after we congratulate,,, heheheee

I love the socks Margene! The colour is exquisite. I watched Downton on DVD and have all of Season 2 saved to watch in a blaze of glory - can't wait! Okay maybe I missed it but I don't see the laziness anywhere ...

Ennui or not, i am always delighted to see your post! We're on a quick roadtrip and I packed my not-so-mystery socks to work on during the initial long drive. Alas, one of my dpn were missing! We hit a knit shop in Portland and I am now ready to bobble on with my pair. I also picked up some yarn to cast on my own Westknits Whale. I've been dying to knit this since you posted your's!

It snowed ALL DAY LONG on Sunday. We couldn't even see across the street. Spent the entire day playing Monopoly.

Thanks for the mention! :o)) xo

I definitely don't have the patience to knit gloves but those are a beautiful shade of blue. Hooray for contests from Jess - maybe one of us will win!

I wonder if I can go back again and mention you this time. Your cold is heading our way, but today it is 50 and grey. We're over halfway through February, so whatever... Just as long as my flowering shrubs don't get nipped!

Oh, those socks! :-)
And . . . I'm going to miss my Sunday night excursions to Downton Abbey!

I'm about that far on my socks, too. A bad cold, turned into Bronchitis has slowed my momentum on them. Love the color of your yarn.

Love the knitting!

I have been watching Downton, and the wait until next season seems so long!

I don't mind ripping back to fix an error, but I know what you mean about finding the right place on those cables/traveling stitches.

Of all the ways I could describe you, lazy is not even on the radar.


Kelmscott looks like the perfect sock - process and product both!
Hoping your glove path runs smoother...

I'm in mourning for the end of downton....and to have to wait a whole year!

I was too late for the contest... sigh. I do feel like I'm having a hard time keeping up and thanks for the letter, which really summed up some of my feelings about loss of intimacy with dear friends. I try to slow down, but then that just leads to no online time. Real life connections are important, too. Watched the last episode of Downton with my in-laws at the family reunion last weekend, and now I have to start at the beginning and watch all the episodes released so far... will there be any more?

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