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February 03, 2012


What a glorious dawn - thanks for sharing it! We were somewhere (?) the other day when there was a long-lasting and beautiful sunset, and I was rather frustrated at not being able to get a photo of it :^)

What a beautiful start to your day!!! Have a nice weekend. :-)


We had a sunset sky that was somewhat similar - so glorious! That pink is so inspiring. I totally agree about the weather, it has to be one of the strangest winters I have seen.

Absolutely stunning! Winter? What winter????


Ooh, that's so beautiful!


Maybe we will get some winter in the next 6 weeks?

Gorgeous sky! This has been the season of amazing sunsets and a little frost. Not much else. :?

Oh, gorgeous sky!! That will add a nice highlight to your scarf. :)

Wonderful sunrise!

You so need pink/salmon for your scarf! We haven't had winter, either. I heard Denver had only had about 2-4" of snow until yesterday and they got about 2'. There's still time for some winter, grrl!!!!

Our snowpack is adeqaute, so I am just fine with the lack of snow this year. I know several locations, however, need it badly. What an odd winter we're all experiencing. Your skies are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Ugh, I so agree. We crossed Donner summit yesterday to visit my son, and the snowpack could be measured in inches rather than the usual feet!


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