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February 09, 2012


Those are GREAT slippers!!

Your photos make me think, "Peachy!" Very pretty.

Cute Duffers -- love the addition of the button. I *really* love the color combo of that new shawl. I wear a shawl everyday, too. Never enough...

The slippers are wicked cute and the colors of the shawl are fantastic!

I especially love that they look like Keens! :)

Very cute!

Love the new knitting! Although, I'm still rooting for the gloves. ;^)

Love the Duffers! They look super comfy and warm.

And oooo! LOVE the colorways in your new project!!

Ok, I love the Duffs, (isn't that Home Simpson's beer? ), I love the Ziggity but what I really lov eis the phrase "my cauldron of wips"

Your duffers are great! Love the color combination -- and perfect buttons. I regret that I got sick of making duffers . . . before I made a pair for myself! (And they DO look a bit Keen-like.)

Both are wonderful! The buttons are perfection.

The buttons are perfect. And the shawl makes my fingers itch to start a shawl too. But no... WIPs to finish first.

Love the Duffers and bet they are very warm. Hopefully, soft, too. And, the buttons are a perfect match! Ziggity is going to be absolutely beautiful. Happy Friday, grrlfriend!!!

Cute slippers! What luck to find the perfect button. Ziggity is looking so pretty. I love the colors.

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