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January 02, 2012


Gorgeous skies!!!! I agree. Only 3 sunrises a year? Sheesh. I love the package from Vicki!! You and she are sympatico!!!! Happy New Year, grrlfriend!!

What a great idea!!!! Such pretty colors your scarf will have. :-)

It will be a fun project!

I can't wait to see how you blend those yarns to represent your beautiful skies! (well, MOSTLY beautiful!) Looking forward to seeing your progress.

So far, so good! Let's hope the year will continue like this for us all :)

I'm excited to see how this goes! I love every one of your sky photos, but that Friday sunrise -- WOW!! Amazing!

Your sky is amazing and I always love to see photos of it. I think a scarf to commemorate it is a wonderful idea. What pattern are you using?

We have sunsets like that. Some of us aren't morning people, ya know. ;^)

So far, so good, I think. Still unsure what day it is but that's my normal now.

Happy New Year!

Gorgeous photos! And what a perfect project for you. :)

I'm excited to see the interpretation of your sky into a scarf. I'm sure you're going to enjoy working with the colors. It's great to have friends who not only inspire us but then give us that needed nudge to act upon that inspiration. Sounds like you have a great friend in Vicki.

What a fabulous idea! Those are perfect colors, and I can't wait to see the drama fill in.

Echoing on the fab scarf idea! Beautiful photos as always of your gorgeous skies. I get a sunrise treat as I send my youngest out the door to the bus during the week. A great way to start ones day.

Oh, my - this will be GORGEOUS.

The Sky Scarf is the most perfect project for you! I can't wait to see how the scarf unfolds . . . following your sky scenes all year.

Happy new year! Those Utah skies are gorgeous and with the snow capped mountains all around...sigh! Can't wait to see your scarf.

I see lots of sunrises (but I really hate to get up early), so clearly your boss is a night owl.

I am so glad you are going to participate! I haven't posted about it yet,but dyed two shades of indigo, and the darker grey in October, and had some light grey handspun angora and natural white to add, so have been quietly keeping a sky log and knitting on mine since my birthday a few months ago. I can't imagine only enjoying 3 sunrises or sunsets a year. What a gift to see almost every day!

I love this project idea. I'll need to remember it this summer when I have more of a focused mind and can gather the materials. I hope you keep us posted on your progress.

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