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January 25, 2012


Beautiful Margene! Both you AND the wrap! I look longingly at these type of scarf/cowls and wonder if I could pull off the bulk. I need to try one and see what I think. The snuggle factor could outweight everything else!

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

LOVE it!!!


It looks great Margene!

It came out great - what a wonderful, versatile winter accessory!

That is SOOOO cool!

It's a great pattern, and looks wonderful on you.

Look at you! Using obscure keyboard symbols!

Fantastic! I love you to infinity!

LOVE it!! It's beautiful on you!

Beautiful! Great job to you and Susan!

Definitely, infinitely envious! So beautiful!

Isn't it lovely?! I have been knitting complicated patterns long enough to realize that sometimes 'less is more'. This is a new classic and will be stylish forever! I have something similar in my que (I'm planning 'Dovetail' in Cascade Eco Cloud in colorway Dove Grey) to start soon and I'm looking forward to it. Yours is inspiration! I love it Margene!

Wow! That's really a beautiful infinity scarf. I've seen many patterns out there... but this is definitely the best one I've seen so far. Thanks for sharing it. Wear it well! It looks marvelous on you!

What a beautiful scarf and I hope you enjoy it into infinity!

Beautiful and it's beautiful on you!

Don't feel badly, sweetie. I didn't get it until you mentioned it. *L*

Wonderful scarf! That Susan does it again!

Oh, that is most definitely -- infinitely -- a winner!! Fabulous.

Spectacular scarf and model;-P That really is a big scarf, too. You rocked the knitting, girl, and Susan rocked the design. Nicely done!!!!

Beautiful--and it suits you so well!

Infinitely gorgeous!

Love it!! Now I want one too!!

love it! it's a gorgeous pattern and looks fab on you!

Very cozy!

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