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Holiday Knitting

The long Holiday weekend was (mostly) spend in quiet pursuits, that is excluding the very loud previews of movies that came before a not quite as loud Sherlock Holmes.  The movie was a hit with our group of friends. 


With four days off it was nice to spend time reading, knitting, walking, and chatting with Smith.  While I should be wishing for snow (and at times I do), I've enjoyed the the sun streaming through the window, as it makes my room warm and cozy, the perfect place to sit and knit.


Since I seem to be averse to large knitting projects, I decided to have some fun and knit an interesting cowl. Brooklyn Tweed's Setzer fit the bill with its short row shaping. Actually, it wasn't until after I'd perused the pattern that I learned the shaping was done with short rows.  However, short rows don't scare me...they are not new to my knitting repertoire. I do admit to having trouble with execution, but as Susan pointed out, when I went to her for help, I just needed to count my stitches. Yes, this was a very "DUH" moment, but from then on the cowl went smoothly...that is until I ran out of yarn.


When I started the project I knew I'd be close on yardage, but (isn't there always a "but" with me?) I did it anyway, thinking I'd get away with it (hahaha), or I'd only be a couple of rows short, and it would be fine. But (oh yeah), it wasn't fine!  The cowl would be way to short, AND it would be obvious, as there was a whole pattern repeat to do!


Thank goddess for the stash and for the bit of Shepherd's Wool leftover from another project--a beautiful red which was just the perfect touch.  Sometimes, denial works in our favor.

But, don't count on it.


I think the touch of red on the edge makes it so much better! Love it and love your photos, too!

Oh, stop it! You planned that all along. You just wanted to surprise us. It's spectacular. I love the red next to your face. I'm not sure the grey would have been as flattering. Lovelovelove it!!! It was a lovely weekend, wasn't it? One more!!!!!

Beautiful!!! Right now, like you, I am enjoying a bunch of small projects. Almost instant gratification is nice. :-)


The red IS the perfect touch!

Glad you had a great holiday weekend. I'm enjoying the lack of snow, too, after the whole out of control snow thing from last winter here.

Oh, love love love! It's just perfect.

Sounds like a great few days off. Sherlock is on my list. Sherlock on PBS (Season 2 in just a few weeks) will be queued on the DVR the moment it's available!

Sometimes accidents are HAPPY ACCIDENTS. This is really lovely, and the touch of red gives it extra panache. With my new haircut, cowls are THE thing. I should really make this one.

An accident just waiting to happen...but it turned out great...still not sure how I feel about cowls...but I love the texture and hefty-ness of this one.

The red is totally inspired, and really "makes" the cowl. Plus, you always know which end is up!

I have found that BT yardage is not always accurate. But that red is PERFECT and looks fantastic. Is it soft??? (I mean the Shepherd's).

I agree with all the previous lovers of the red repeat. It is quite lively and attractive. I have a cowl in which I ran out of yarn too. It's OK, but nothing I'll photograph and recommend to anyone.

I love your small projects!

Now that is a perfect POP! If I end up knitting that cowl (and I was already thinking about it BEFORE seeing yours) . . . I'm going to add a POP just like that. I think it "makes" the cowl.

I love it when things work out like that. The red is perfect!

You shouldn't have told us it was a mistake - I think it was inspired, and I would have totally believed that you meant to do it!!

I think you ran out of yarn because this cowl needed the 'red' looks stunning on you..Happy New Year! I've been really negligent on blog reading lately..but keep up with you on time suck FB.

Remember, its called a design feature! The red looks great with your greys.

I love the red with the grey! I'm rather glad you ran out of the grey, as a matter of fact :D

I think the red is rather fetching!

I love the addition of the red. Beautiful!

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