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November 03, 2011


What a gorgeous fall color! Sometimes those seat of the pants ideas turn out to be the best ones.

It looks spectacular on you! I adore the color. Just lovely, Dearheart!

Oh, delighted indeed! Beautiful shawl, beautiful color. Trusting your instincts - and flying by the seat of your pants - usually works best! Just lovely, Margene!

It's fantastic! Go you!!

Lovely! I've been having fun playing with my dye pot too.

Perfectly seasonal!

Lovely! Congrats!

That's a really wonderful shade! I can understand your delight. :)

Oh, Margene, it's GORGEOUS!! I love how it turned out -- what a great color. It's so much fun to play!!

Love the color, love the process! I just got Deb Menz's new video, Dyeing in the Kitchen and can feel the dye juices starting to flow! Hmmm, might try some orange/rust!

That's a really excellent shade you crafted there. Go seat of the pants!!

It came out great - and even though it's not quite what you expected, it looks great on you.

Pretty, pretty orange! :D (If you ever do want to tweak the color, you could dunk it with a packet of red Kool-Aid -- although it really is gorgeous as-is.)


If the commute wasn't so bad, I'd hire you.

Great color on you! I find the idea of dyeing very intimidating. I fear my painted white kitchen cabinets will not remain so if anything goes awry. I did once try Kool-aid dyeing in the microwave and that was fun. I really admire people who do a lot of hand dyeing.

Wow. That is gorgeous!

It's so very beautiful! I think that sometimes orange is an overlooked and powerful color. What you have done with it is wonderful. I love your Sweet Potato Holden!


Perfect Fall Color. It is beautiful.

Gorgeous! Well done!

Holy cow, that's pretty!

It has never occurred to me to try to dye my own yarn, but I think that if the results could be as nice as yours, I might be tempted. What I am definitely going to plan, though, is to make this shawl. I downloaded the pattern some time ago, and yours makes me think I needed to get started on one for myself.

What a gorgeous result!

Wonderful color, great seat of the pants dyeing - it looks *fantastic*!

I think it's FABULOUS! The color... the knitting... how it looks on you...

What more could you ask for??

That's gorgeous. I'm not really an orange person but that really looks rich and deep. Wear it well.

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