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November 28, 2011


The mitts are gorgeous!

My favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend was POTATOES! Haha. (They were pretty darn good.) It was a great weekend all around, actually -- just enough me time sprinkled with family time, not too much food, NO shopping (well, not the crazy BF kind, anyway), progress on some projects (crossed off the list type of progress!). So... I guess my favorite part was the weekend.
; )

I hope your load will lighten soon!

I do love those mitts!

Here's hoping things slow down a bit for you!

Food fight at the neighbor's house. She started it and with 18 kids, it got out of hand fast. Possibly the funnest Thanksgiving ever.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet - which was lovely. Your mitts are so NICE! I love Madeline Tosh colors.

My favorite part was having Hannah home.

Mine was having my kid sister and her boyfriend drive over from Michigan to stay with us and go to my nephews hockey tournament. Relaxing and spending time with people I actually like.

mine was when steve used the plunger to unplug the clog in the kitchen sink - and all the crap that he had put down the disposal (which i repeatedly told him not to do) came shooting up through the disposal and all over him - i hope you lmao - as i truly wished i would have caught this on video - please tell me who puts turkey skin in the disposal ----

Visits with family and having the Packers win their football game. Woo-hoo!

Me, too!! Love the mitts and the sky. So much inspiration. It's cold and rainy here, so I'm heading home to a cheery house with my babiez. Hugs, girl, and cannot wait to hear all about your knitting adventures when you get a chance!!

Love the mitts! I hope things aren't too busy for you, sweetie. My favorite thing? Taping the box shut on the sweaters worth of yarn I just finished.

Love life's mad dashes! It means full tilt involvement. That is so so good. The mitts look really warm, a good thing for the coming winter. My favorite thing? Absolutely getting the best gravy of my life out of the day, and I have no idea how to duplicate it!

My favorite thing? Cooking for my family! It was so nice to have them all home. Love your Ragtop mitts. (Took your advice . . . I just finished a pair of my own. But it's too gloomy to photograph them quite yet.)

How did our lives get so busy in just a few years? I hope yours quiets down a bit soon.

I love your mitts! Lovely pattern by Susan!

I love the mitts. They look soft and delicious. My favorite part of Thanksgiving was getting together with 16 family members. They are warm and welcoming and I am proud to call them family.

My favorite part of the T-Day break was that afternoon knitting with you and Mom.

Sent a note to Blazing Needles re Ragtops, and never heard back. I guess I'll have to try to remember during telephone hours -- a couple thousand miles are keeping me from stopping by the shop.

How did things speed up so much? Love the ragtops.one of my favorites too.

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