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September 06, 2011


Tomato-y goodness! On knitting...since we talked about that blanket...I seem to be really rather stuck on that, but haven't done anything about it.

The whole weekend in the kitchen?!? Where's my Margene? ; ) Haha, you know that it's an investment with a huge payoff!

No bad choices there. Only one problem: First Carol was an enabler, and now you add other choices. It is hard to justify that much sweater knitting in Louisiana ... but I'll try! :-)

Lovely choices! Now that fall is almost here, I'm very excited to start knitting woolies again!
Yum, you should share your tomato bean soup recipe...

Oh, today's Ten on Tuesday topic is dangerous!!! I had missed Amy's new sweater! Can you say. . . ELEVEN on Tuesday? (And gloves! I want gloves, too! TWELVE.)

Amy's Wintry Mix will look awesome on you. And I think that cabled vest on the Brooklyn Tweed page is something Dale would really like. Thanks for linking to that!

Wow, that's a lot of sauce and soup! Good for you! :)

Sauce and soup? What a fabulous and prolific weekend you had! And, the list? I got it, too, and felt completely overwhelmed. I realized I need to just relax a bit and knit as I can and wish. We'll see what pops up;-P

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Add another pot of tomato sauce to that list! Mine turned out great.

That is a remarkable list of knits. Good thing you have dinner already in the freezer from the tomato escapade this weekend. That way you won't waste time fixing food when you could be knitting!

I too cooked this weekend, it was filled with tomato bean soup, tomato sauce, basil ice cubes, and peach pie. Knitting continues, but slowly - i am looking forward to winding down the garden and spending more time with books, fibers and friends.

I have been in a slump with knitting. Nothing has inspired me. But now I want to knit Cria and Wintry Mix! I just bought both of them.

I clicked on a couple of those links and think there are at least 2 sweaters that have to be added to the queue. All this cold & rainy weather we've been having makes me itch to cast on for a wooly sweater.

My own knitting plans are to: finish my crazy year of socks (6 pair to complete by year's end..and a program for the guild), continue working on my Princess, and to start planning sweaters for next year. It's time, and there are a lot of wonderful new patterns - love Wool People!. Of course, part of it is that I need to also continue to work down my stash.

I just finished overdyeing yarn for And So Are You, which will be started this weekend, since my skirt is almost done (I'm finishing up the waistband now!). There's a sweater to finish, a few pair of socks for winter, and a lacy cowl as well. Oh, and probably a new hat! Thanks for increasing my inspiration:)

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