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August 02, 2011


I was looking at stripes study and its brother:
different Lines just this morning and decided to be good and finish my socks project before deciding and starting one of these two. I think they will be lovely in your Woodrose and Godiva.

Oh, I think those colors will look lovely together!

And yeah, that first sample is way too beelike for me, too!

I think Striped Study is fabulous, and yes, the Woodrose and Godiva!
I am loving your colour choices in the Madelintosh, has me thinking of Autumn days to come, and wishing they'd hurry up (sorry, but it's HOT down here :^)

PERFECT!!! I think those two colors would be fabulous as Stripe Study. I love that shawl and will definitely make another (and/or Different Lines). The colors for the WestKnits shawl are gorgeous! I'm getting close to finalizing mine... a little more dyeing tomorrow, perhaps, before casting on!

I KNEW you were after Amber Trinket--YAY!

Striped Study is lovely, but can you resist a Stephen West mystery? Whatever you choose, may it bring you great joy. You deserve it. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

I think Stripe Study is a great idea for that yarn. And I LOVE that Tosh Light -- yummo.

I think Stripe Study is beautiful and Woodrose and Godiva would look great. But why do you think you'll like them together in that pattern if you didn't like them together in Cladonia?

I think you're on the right track.


Hm... I think really all three of those colors work very nicely together or just as a pair with either/or. I am really of no help here as I like all of them. I don't think you can go wrong here!

The stripe study shawl would be really cool if you did the stripes in a fibonaci series - more interesting than fixed widths...

Thank you for the pattern links. My knitting has been pretty idle lately but I stopped worrying about it. I accept that it has an ebb and flow to it.
Happy knitting!

I think you are on to something good with 'Stripe Study' in Godiva and Woodrose. Also, Wow- I love the Tosh colors for the mystery shawl! I hope it turns out nice in the mystery pattern. It will be fun to see how that comes out.
You inspired me to knit 'Blue Whale' with your amazing finished shawl, so that is what is on my needles and I am really enjoying it.

Beautiful colors, Margene! I vote for "Stripe Study." Not only gorgeous, but also soothing -- to knit and to wear. And sometimes, that's just what we need!

I don't know what the mystery pattern is called, but the finished product is definitely Utah Sunset Shawl! Gorgeous selection!

Stripe Study is awesome - I'm on my second already. Fun, yet undemanding knit - perfect for destressing or travel knitting.

Both shawls will be gorgeous!
I'm really tempted by the mystery shawl, but I've already got too many projects and too little time...

I love Vicki's Stripe Study! Make one!!! I've been thinking of sweaters too and even though I'm trying to finish up a loooonnng spinning project, I'm dreaming of knitting wool. Thin, squishy wool on tiny needles...

To shawl, that's what I think. I cannot make decisions more than that.

I think that will work. That pattern has been taking the knitting world by storm. I bought some Kauni in contrasting colors for Lines.

Lovely colors! Shawls are my go- to comfort knitting' and I always enjoy seeing what others do.

The colors you've chosen for the KAL are wonderful and make me wistful for fall.

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