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June 22, 2011


Such a fun twist, Margene . . . because I rely on the book ratings in YOUR sidebar! :-) I love that blue yarn, too.

I'm glad you enjoyed yesterday's topic. No SSS allowed!

Pyromania is an excellent pattern name!

I definitely would never suspect you of having SSS.

I like to see your sidebar book ratings!

I really need to give audio books another go. While I didn't participate with a list of my own, I really loved this topic!!

I'm delighted to follow your reading on Goodreads, too! :)

I'm with you on the audiobook thing and I'm lucky becuase I love sci-fi/fantasy and so I can indulge in the offerings on Podiobooks.com, but there's nothing quite like a feel of paper in one's hands.

I often see books I have read recently in your sidebar! I love a good recommendation. I have a book club with a couple friends who are voracious readers,and it is so much fun to get recommendations from one gal who has simply read everything! If you haven't read it yet, A Discovery of witches is pretty good. Have you considered an e reader? You can download books instead of stacking them up on your shelves (taking away valuable knitting book space), the books are often less than hardcover price, and most e readers allow library downloads (kindle is coming along slowly). I believe many have audio options, too.

Sounds intriguing, but I am booked (heh) up right now. I need to put it on my list. And, SSS is insidious, but preventable. You're just the grrl to do it!!! Happy Hump Day!

I always use your book sidebar to help me pick books. I've turned my MIL on to Louise Penny!

I haven't read a Guy Gavriel Kay novel in a long, long time. Hmm...

I also enjoyed reading the listes of recommended books in the 10 on Tuesday topic this week. Your sidebar listing is helpful, too. I have rarely had good outcomes with audiobooks because I usually fall asleep if I am really listening, otherwise I miss too much because I am not paying enough attention. I guess I need to read the words with my own eyes. Occasionally I can combine knitting and reading, but not usually.

Your Pyromania gaining a little bit here and there is quite nice. It seems like this second sock will be evidence of how the minutes grabbed along the way really can turn into good progress.

I am definitely going to check out the books in your side bar! It's my goal to do a little more reading this summer, so thank you!!

Your sock is looking so pretty!

I hit the point some months ago where the stress over my 15ish boxes of books in the basement finally got to me (nowhere to put them on display, not being able to reach them if I wanted them). I didn't know, though, that when I started contemplating an ereader not only would the space problem be solved but I would also start using the library like crazy. I LOVE reading books on my iPad, and I LOVE the fact that our library's ebook selection took off right as I got it. It has allowed me to try a lot of books that I ordinarily woulnd't try because I wouldn't have risked the money on them. I still buy some...but not near so many anymore.

And as for audio. It' has truly become one of my favorite ways to read...for all of the reasons you've mentioned.

One final note - you really can't go wrong with any of GG Kay's books. They are all marvelous.

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