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June 07, 2011


I love kale and I haven't tried kale chips yet but I'd like to. Hopefully we'll get some from our CSA so I can give a shot. Thanks for the tips!

Kale chips -- deelish!

I was on a kale chip kick over the late winter. So. Yummy!

There are lots of greens to love! I make a similar version of kale chips using the recipe in Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials cookbook, and the dehydrator.

I'm hoping for kale in my CSA box, too! I'd love to try this. Our weird weather has pushed deliveries back ANOTHER week, so I'll have to hold tight.
; )

kale chips are yummy.
we've been eating young kale from our garden for a few weeks now. we just eat them raw in salads everyday. it's my favorite way to eat kale!

We have a family saying, "Eat the kale first." When my now 17 year old was little, she hated when I included kale in shepherds pie, so she'd eat it all first to "get it over with, Mommy!" I'm giving kale chips a try!! Thanks for the recipe, Margene!

I haven't had kale chips, but I'm intrigued!

I use kale all the time for green smoothies, but have yet to try kale chips! I really should :) it is so funny to me that you dislike green so - but I am glad you are sticking with it for PS! It is a pleasure to see what you are up to :)

Of course they're good. They're nothing more than a method to get crispy olive oil, salt and chili flakes into your mouth.

Clever grrl, getting that green in. :)

I guess I need to try them. So healthy, I can't believe they're really that good!

Boy those sound yummy!

Aren't they just The Best?!!

This is a new one to me. Thanks for the recipe!


I've made them and love them. How long did you bake them in the 350 oven? Did you place them in the middle of the oven?

Seems like I am hearing about kale chips from a lot of sources t his year. I may have to try them!

And by the way, youi would look lovely in green.

Yum! I need to try this.

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