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April 18, 2011


We have a lake near our farm that stinks too! It's kind of a nasty way to change the seasons. o.0

The sock is looking good! Love the color.

Beautiful sky shot. The Great Salt Lake? My Mom visited and the lake levels were frighteningly low at that time and she said it just reeked;-P I love the Cupcake fiber and you're doing it proud. I'm working up to it;-P I need to "earn" it by spinning a bit more consistently. Happy Monday, dearheart!!!!

I neglected to mention the Mississippi river reeks almost year round!

My oh my! That sock is truly lovely, but the spinning is what really impresses- perfection Margene!

That's one tall sock!

I'm so glad that you're enjoying the Cupcake fiber. Now you know why I rarely spin anything else. *L* Hey! And thanks for the mention.


Every time you talk about Cupcake fiber I have to go find one...cupcake, that is... LOL! Love the sock!

I can't believe there's still any of Cookie's handspun left.

Ahh, I fell in love with Anne's mittens, though won't start them until summer, as a small project when the weather's too hot for 'big knitting'. I love your new sock... and what's the hurry when it is now time for pedicures and sandals. I just wish the weather would realize that and accommodate!

Gorgeous sock!!

I'll trade you the rain for the 6" of snow they're predicting for tomorrow night.

My goal for the night is to finish the first sock of my Pyromanias! Such a fun pattern!

Ooooh! What a sexy sock! Love it!!

Oooh, such a pretty sock. That Kim does really do delicious work, doesn't she? Nice!

Believe it or NOT, I even almost had a hankering recently to cast on a pair of socks. I kid you not! :)

Lovely blue sky! We have rain here today in the mountains (or bumps as you say) of upstate New York but it's vacation so we'll make the best of it.

Just catching back up with you! Lovely sock, Margene. It looks just perfect. But, like you, I think it's time to put the socks away. (I only wish the weather would get on board with that notion. . .) Can't wait to see Henley!

That's so pretty! I haven't broken out my cupcake batts yet and I'm really tempted by the trio sets!

Infamous lake stink? Too funny! But then I lived in my family farmhouse after college, and it's only about a mile away from a sewage treatment plant. One has to have a sense of humor sometimes!

That is one gorgeous sky!
Lake stink,eh? ewww.
Lovely sock, those colours are quite soothing.
Mmmmm, cupcake fibre, yum!

Love the sock! Love the sky. We are warned about more snow too. Hope they are wrong.
I finished both my projects today. A pair of Fair Isle Mitts, and a pair of purple socks. I'm knitless! Oh the joy of choosing the next thing!

Lovely sock and spinning work!

Pretty pink yarn. It looks great so far.

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