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April 20, 2011


It was worth all the trouble. It is drop-dead gorgeous!

Such lovely blueness! This is a stunning pattern that shows off the yarn beautifully. Great knitting!

So beautiful! You and the sweater and of course, the red tulip. I love the pic with you, sweater, fence, forsythia and red tulip!

I think you and Suzy both did a great job! What a fabulous sweater, and I especially love that last picture.

Adorable pics. Love the Henley. It is beautiful on you and beautiful just to look at. It was worth it, grrl!!!!

It's stunning on you! Simply gorgeous.

And look! You have spring!!

Super-dooper - what a sweater!

Too much fun! That is one gorgeous Henley -- from all sides!

This sweater is wonderful. Such a beutiful pattern and wonderful yarn selection. Great photos, you look so happy.

Wonderful job!

That looks great on you, and what a lovely representation of spring!

It's the perfect sweater, Margene! I love the photos, too. Wear it well!

I love you in this sweater!!!

It looks perfect! I love that first set of pictures, haha.

It looks great on you. Congratulations!

Well, Henley looks great... and so do you! That smile says HAPPY and SPRING more than anything!

Hey! you did it! it's fantastic and judging by your smile, it must feel divine!

Love this post, and the sweater - lovely job Margene!

It's a perfect fit - lovely and flattering!

LOVE your smile. :) Oh, and what a gorgeous sweater, too!

I think the photo shoots were a SUCCESS! You look like you're having a blast. More and more, I think waist shaping was overrated. I think the sweaters looks better (usually) without it. I think waist shaping came about after the boat-size sweaters from the '80s and early '90s. We were looking for ways to make the sweaters NOT BOATS. All we had to do was make the WHOLE thing smaller, heh.

It really is a perfect sweater. And your photo shoots must have been a blast!

The sweater is such a beautiful color and looks wonderful on you. Enjoy wearing it.

I love ALL the photos! and Suzy was spot on with you keeping hold of the tulip! Beautiful sweater, Margene, and I'm with Norma!!! (re: most shaping.. it just doesn't need to happen all the time) :^)

Great job! It looks amazing on you! Love the hilarity of the photo shoot.

It's a great looking sweater! I'm enjoying my first project with Kim's great work and it couldn't be better. Goofiness at photoshoots is often the best - the fun shines through!

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