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April 14, 2011


Pretty pretty pretty colors. It's the process unless the process takes so very long. Sometimes the end product is what's wanted. We are allowed to be changeable.

What a beautiful shawl! Congratulations on completing dear old Henley! What a sense of accomplishment that must be.

A very pretty palatte!

Oh how I love red.....

Oh that red is beautiful! Love your Haruni! I knit one last summer. The loopy crochet bind off is easy peasy and fun btw.

Oh, that's beautiful - I'm sure Margaret will love it!

I loved knitting Haruni and have four times! Beautiful color, lucky friend.

What a beautiful shawl that will be.

Don't you just love Haruni?? I knit a teal colored one and it's a favorite of mine...

I'm looking forward to seeing your Henley all finished! I have Haruni in my queue, though it will probably be YEARS before I cast on. :)

Beautiful new project!

That red is gorgeous. Of course, I prefer red to blue so I would say that. Seriously, though, that is going to be a fabulous shawl. I'm sure your friend will love it.

Beautiful shawl-in-progress!

i love red.


Haruni is a great shawl, and the red will be particularly pretty!

You have some seriously lovely reds going on there. I need to do more knitting in red...after all, it IS my favorite color.

You'll have sweater and socks matching ;^)
Mmmm, the reds.. and oranges too.. I start salivating when I see red/orange yarn and fibre.
The Haruni is going to be stunning!

I'll be interested to read how you like that particular yarn. I just purchased some a few days ago. Purple-ish colorway, but I have had some of that red before, if my eyes don't deceive me. Tart? Gorgeous!

Can't wait to see your finished Henley! I feel as though I've been knitting nothing but color this past year -- the rainbow and then some! I don't see it ending, either. Amazing how many color projects I can knit without actually doing colorwork!

Happy Weekend! XO

What a lovely combination of color, yarn and pattern. Your friend is a lucky woman!

My color preferences (while always focused around green) tend to change a bit around the edges with the seasons. Life is good when you change things up a bit! And I love that shot of the reds...very cheery!

That is a STUNNING shade of red!

The red spectrum is definitely worth your exploration!

It's lovely, Margene. You have such vision. I'm looking forward to the Henley photos!

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