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March 31, 2011


That's a gorgeous yarn. I am envious of your consistent and smooth spinning!

It's lovely. It always feels good to finish something like that, too.

Lovely. Simply lovely!

OMG! That is beautiful. It's not that spinning is too time consuming, but that I just don't have enough time to enjoy it (and knitting and crocheting and gardening)the way I want to. It feels good to get back into it, doesn't it?

beautiful yarn!!

It looks as if it might hover/float in the air, so pretty!

You need some bright fun colors to spin now!

It's pretty darn beautiful just as it is! I'm so happy you toughed it out and finished it!!

The yarn is gorgeous! I'm anxiously awaiting what you decide to make with it.

Beautiful and soft skein! Great solution by pulling it through a diz.

It looks beautiful!

Wow! It is beautiful.

Gorgeous - can't wait to see what it grows up to become ;o)

Well worth the effort. We will all enjoy seeing what it becomes, but the true joy of yarn for me is the potential----before we make the decision about what we'll use it for.

The yarn is really lovely.

So beautiful! :)

What a pretty shine!

Oooh! So lush! What a marvelous accomplishment. I would love to get my husband into spinning, but he's resisting. I think it would be a wonderful way to unwind (pardon the pun) after a stressful work day.

It was that great wave of spinning love flooding Blogland in '05 that pushed me into finding a spinner/weaver guild in '06, and I'm so happy I did!

Love your yarn, m'dear.

Our spinning timelines are the same!

The yarn is great, wonder what it will grow up to be?

Beautiful! I'm a recent spinning addict & I have wonderful bloggers like you to blame for it.

That is such beautiful yarn! I hope to see it in some kind of FO someday. It looks shawlish to me.

Beautiful--begging for lace!

Your spinning is amazing!


Oh, Margene, your spinning is gorgeous!

Beautiful gray yarn you've spun!
Spinning is very relaxing for me, at times maybe a little too relaxing, hee. 'nodding off at the wheel' happens.

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