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March 01, 2011


Hey, thanks for the kind words about my mittens and article. :) Ennea Collective is a wonderful resource from a pair of very talented women.

Great tips! So glad you sent me (a non-spinner - and happy that way!) in this new direction. :-)

I love Ennea and have since it's inception. It's full of wonderful patterns and articles!

This is very timely since SPA got me excited about spinning again!

The chart on yarn substitutions is one of the best I've seen. Most just have WPI and stitches, not the weights per ounce/pound.

You're spinning! :D

The singles look darned good from here, grrl!

Back on the Lendrum??

You Rock. That is all. :)

(and not just the nice things you said about the mag - I was mostly talking about you leaping back into spinning. You go!)

Cool! Very cool!

I think your yarn looks great! Very even and I love the colors!

Thanks for the link to the photography article! While I was there I found a pattern or two, as well--and I am definitely not a spinner. I do like learning about fiber, however, and this is an excellent resource for that aspect, too.

Tis a great 'Spin' on things here and there..First saw Ennea after seeing on FB via Chris...and happy to see you enjoying one of your girls doing a bit of spinning~

*makes note to visit later*

I love Ennea Collective - such beautiful patterns and inspiration for remedial spinners like moi.

Oh you are spinning, good news!

I checked the Ennea before this post and found it interesting!

It IS a wonderful publication... and I still have more delving to do. No internet access since the power went out early Friday morning; it came back on last night, but just now catching up! My Droid kept me in touch with friends through FB, but I can't post comments to blogs, only peer into them!

Okay, that was a glowing endorsement! I'm going to save this for my lunch hour so I can savor. Thank you for the suggestion.

Really love Ennea and joined the Ravelry group straightaway.

It is a wonderful resource. We are very lucky that the spinners and fiberistas are putting so much work and love into it!

Thanks for the links! Photography is a hobby of mine, and this was an interesting article for photographing fibery things.

I'll have to keep an eye out for future "issues."

I know, I know! It's a new favorite of mine! Of course, I've learned more about spinning from Anne's blog than I have from my guild or any other source, and so I was predisposed to love it.

Very good articles, Margene. Thank you for pointing me to them.


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