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February 28, 2011


Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I love the color of the new mitts and I forgive you for not loving the Oscars like I do! lol

Sounds lovely. And, the mitts rock. Happy Monday, dear!!!

What a nice weekend! And I'm toally with you on not watching the Oscars. I didn't even realize they were on until I checked Twitter and saw that they were all anyone was talking about. Eh...whatever!

Sounds to me like the best weekend and not watching the Oscars is a good idea I usually follow but not last night so I fell asleep in the midst of it all,,, :)

Sounds wonderful! The perfect kind of weekend. (Such pretty mitts.) :-)

Sounds like an ideal weekend! Your mitts are pretty! Love the color.

Will have to check on pattern availability... that could be a good traveling project!

Sounds like a great weekend. I hardly ever go to the movies, so I didn't watch the Oscars either.

Excellent weekend! No Oscars here, either.

I planted some seeds today! But no poo pots.

I'm with you on the the no Oscars! I did have to check out the best and worst gowns on the internet this morning tho!

No Oscars here...but loved The King's Speech...film and music...excellent! Sounds like a heavenly weekend...and dark chocolate latte...hmmm, I'm not a coffee drinker so I miss all those wonderful drinks! I'll have to find one of these soon! Thanks for my new vice! :)

So sorry, Margene...I absolutely love your new mitts...sorry I neglected to mention them in my last comment...I got distracted by the dark chocolate latte!

I was so knocked out by your mitts that I tried to buy the pattern from your LYS. I was informed that I can only get it with the purchase of yarn, which is fine -- but $11.00 in shipping is a bit too rich for my pocketbook for one skein of yarn. I just hope that Susan eventually makes the pattern available some other way. I LOVE your mitts! Be glad you missed the Oscars. They were pretty lame.

Mmmm... dark chocolate latte! :)

The mitts are gorgeous!

Mitts are breath-taking and your weekend sounds lovely.
No Oscars here..other than my late Grandfather:)

I'm with Regina! I had the same issue. I would buy the pattern in a heartbeat but I don't want to pay for shipping of yarn I already own. :(

Can you help convince her to publish it separately as a .pdf download? Pretty please? They are beautiful and perfect - exactly what I have been looking for!

What a fantastic color. I'm in love! Sounds like you had a glorious weekend. I think I'll put an order in for one of those too!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.


Ooo - sounds PERFECT. I could go a chocolate anything right about now. :)

:) You make the perfect weekend happen no matter what you do. The poo pots must love the increasing sunlight hours. March 1! Can you believe it?

What a wonderful time you had! Love the mitts. I skipped the Oscars, too. And I gave you a shout-out on my blog tomorrow - the yarn is just TOO beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Those mitts are fabulous! I probably need to make a pair, there seems to be a lot more stormy weather in my future yet!

And now that I know those mitts are mine, well, they are EVEN BETTER!

I love weekends like that!

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