It's About Time


You may have heard about Norma and her comment contest.  For some reason I have been able to best her when it comes to comments. I will never try to best her with humor, words, or the number of words in a post.   Norma is NORma. Anyhoo, she is trying to catch up and, in all likelihood, she will surpass, within days, my comment milestone of 60,000.


Knitting time has been at a premium this week, so instead of kniting progress, here is "my spot".  There are two things about this spot I want you to note.  Before the dejunking of this room the futon was constantly covered with detritus.  Piles of yarn, books, patterns, knitting, and anything else that needed to be put away, or thrown away, ended up here.  This room was intended to be my fiber refuge and it ended up being a refuge of junk.

I am very pleased to say the room has stayed organized and clean of extra crap and there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  Here is where a sigh of relief is uttered. I now have a room of my own.


The second things I'd like you to note is the swift and ball winder set up.  Yep, that's where they stay unless company is coming (because the futon is also the guest bed). It's nice to have a swift and ball winder at the ready as you never know when a skein will cry out to be wound and knit. 


The swift is around 18 years old and, as you can see, the years have worn away the original arm connectors.  I have no memory of the connections, as when they gave way, they were replaced with a anything at hand and, over the years, my swift has become adorned with colorful ties.  Yarn is always handy, and through all the abuse of winding skein after skein, my swift has been ever ready.

Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to sit in the room and knit.  Or, I could sit and spin as this is where my wheels also live.  They're at the ready, too!

Happy Weekend, everyone!


i am. in love. with your workspace!

the swift looks absolutely lovely--good to know they last that long!

Have a glorious weekend!

I am becoming ever more mindful and aware, now I need to make the time for doing and for vigilance!

Sure would love to make you move that swift sometime...

Happy weekend!

Waaaait a second. Now hold on. That quilt is amazing!! Where'd ya get it?

Well, I commented at Norma's blog so I'm commenting here too. Just want to keep things interesting donchaknow! :)

Looks great! I wish I had a place to keep the swift set up.

oh to be so organized. The very day I clean off the guest bed with yarn, bags, etc. it seems to find it's way back. I need to have more guests to sleep there and I'd keep it neater..

Congratulations on keeping your knitting spot free of extra stuff! My project has been keeping a clean desk and I'm mighty pleased to see the surface without piles of files and papers!

I'm so proud of you for keeping that room up! My swift has the same colorful ties. It came with jute ties but those didn't last long considering how much I use it.


That is just so "neat"!... in both senses of the word.
Have a great w/e!

Wow, I have a craft space that fills up in just the way you're describing. But it doesn't have a comfy seat. Maybe if I had a comfy seat I'd want to keep it cleaner? Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to get another comfy seat...

How wonderful that you got your space cleaned up so it's once again a happy space. I find I need to do that every once in awhile so I enjoy my space. Yours looks so peaceful. I love the quilt. Happy crafting!

You really took back that fiber room from the clutter. Now it is tranquil and lovely. You do know it makes some of us just a tad jealous? I would never want to take your good, but I can taste having my own fiber room. I'm not quite there yet!

What a lovely, homey spot! Looks so peaceful and warm. Wish my "spot" didn't have to triple as spot/office/music room. LOL!

I am green with envy about your room...I used to have an entire room of my own in a former home we owned...but we downsized after the kids were all grown and moved out and now have 3 bedrooms rather than five. I would love to take a guest room for myself, but we always have houseguests...both family and friends. I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming! Enjoy your little bit of heaven! :)

What a nice corner, and how nice that you have a room of your own.

I was waiting for Max or Mox to peak around the corner of the door and asked to be picked up!

We all need a room of our own - I love yours!

I love your refuge room!

About the comments (You know the Israeli in me can never shut up, right?) my instinctive reaction to what you wrote is: Yah she will probably go over the mark,,, but she has to bribe us to get to those numbers and you? you get them because we all love you and that is the truth! And you hiding the latest contest in order to avoid the prize hunters just prove I am right! :)

I hope your weather is not too bad and hope Smith and you will have a lovely weekend

It looks like the perfect place to grab a cup of tea, knitting, and a good story! Enjoy the weekend regardless of the weather!

How neat - I think I need to look for a quilt to put on my futon (underneath the cat bed that also lives there). While it doesn't stay up all the time, my swift looks a lot like yours, and also goes on the futon. :o)

Congrats on your wonderful space! I'm so glad that it's working better for you now, and I LOVE the shawl on the futon.

I have to laugh a bit...the only place I can put my ballwinder and swift w/o causing damage is my master bathroom. Drives my husband nutty.

I can't even remember the names of your wheels. Isn't one of them Emmy Lou? Happy weekend, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love love love your space. Can we share. Lol

It's my room! I keep my swift set up, too, and it's very convenient,

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