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Copper and Coils

The Beginning

Thank you for your compliments and comments on my Christmas collection. Although, not everything is as fancy as the stocking you saw yesterday, it's wonderful to be able to share my work with you. It took years to stitch the many pieces of this collection, many years of fun, comradery, and dedication.  My skills grew with every class I took, every class I taught, with experimentation and time. It now seems like "the good ol' days".

Teaching needlepoint is one of my favorite jobs and my students have become very accomplished. They would do just fine without me, but we enjoy our symbiotic relationship and the beautiful needlework we create together.


This little ornament is the needlepoint that started my whole fascination with Santa faces.  The way it's finished is called a "kissing ball", as it could hang in lieu of mistletoe.  The best thing about this little guy is the fabric, braid, and ribbons which are more interesting than the stitches, or even the design. The color, and stitches, of his face and beard do not add dimension or interest.  He was the reason I started to pick my stitches and threads more carefully.


Another adorable little Santa!

I love the mix of the burgundy color and the light blue. So lovely!

I've really enjoyed all these beautiful Christmas stitchery endeavors you have shared with us. All of them are so lovely. Thanks.

He looks very sweet (even if he is a little lacking in dimension!). I'd not heard of a kissing ball before.

What beautiful Santas you have stitched! And congratulations on the nearly completed junque room. I would love to see pictures again.

Sounds like he was a good learning experience. I like the symbolism. Kissing ball!

May not have the texture, but the work is still lovely.

Oh Margene! They're all so wonderful. I'm late to this series you've done, but have read each one and admired your exquisite needlecraft!
Thank you for letting us see this bit of your history!

Cute little guy!

I love the idea of a kissing ball. Curious animals and mistletoe = bad combo! Happy Tuesday!

A symbol of how far you've come? :)

The evolution of talent and technique is fascinating. Several years ago my husband had a show at a local museum which he arranged chronologically -- the subject matter was mostly the same (the ocean, DUH!) and it was FASCINATING to view the work in that show and see how his technique changed and developed over the span of just a few years. Fascinating!

I like him, but not as much. I'm glad you explained it.

But Oh So Cute! I love the curly ribbon at the top. :)


All your santas are absoluetly charming! Each one is so different and you are indeed a talented woman. Have you ever knit a little santa face? Santa socks or mitts :)

I've never given much though to the process behind needlepoint (probably because it wasn't a craft often done in my home) and so it's been fascinating reading your comments about that particular art!

Years ago I joined the EGA for one year and they did an ornament exchange. I made something that didn't require much time or effort, but I think it was well made (can't even remember what it was at this point). I ended up with the needlepoint ornament made by the president of the guild and her piece was exquisite. It was then that I found out that everyone went all out on their ornaments. Your work reminds me of the angel I received -- it was amazing with all the textures, fibers, etc. I had no idea needlepoint could be so fun!

It's been a lot of fun seeing your "other" needlework. I learned as a girl from my grandmother and my mom was quite accomplished before she lost her sight, but needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery for me are "product" activities not "process."

He's adorable and a good reminder of how far you've come with your needlework.

kissing balls are sweet ;-) (and fun too)

He does have very sweet, rosy cheeks!

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