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November 22, 2010


That looks fabulous! I love all the bookshelves. My fiber room still houses a crib and bed for granddaughter and daughter #2.

So will the chickens be safe when more snow comes because that's a rather small dose compared to later in the season isn't it? Do modifications need to be made so things will be more sturdy? Poor things, hope they are quite recovered now.

Fiber room looks fab! Very relaxing and organized.

That's how it looked when I last visited, I think. Fantastic, Margene!

I can only aspire to a room like that. It's lovely.

It's looking wonderful! Good for you! Poor chickens-glad they are okay. Must have been horrifying to see the netting down.

It looks good! Hard work, though. Glad Millie and girls are alright.

Your room looks great! Very inviting and organized. Did the chickens get upset with all that was going on?

I hope that one day, when I grow up, I will have a room like that. It looks great! Good luck with your chickens in the winter weather. Ours hate snow and stay indoors whenever there is a layer.

It's terrific! And yes, I understand completely the "can't spin till it's finished" (or knit, in my case) because otherwise, I'd get sidetracked and slip back into my slothful ways....
I love how light the room is!

Your room look magnificent! And you are the hero of Millie and her friends. What a productive weekend!

Poor chickey-grrls, how lucky are they to have you and Smith to rescue them.

Room's lookin' good, clean and bright and orderly and full of possibilities!

It's good you were there and able to help the chickens! Your room is looking great... looking forward to getting into mine (someday soon)!

Once you get that room all fixed up, we should have a knitting afternoon in it!

Wow! It's fabulous! I love the swift on the arm of the futon. What a lot of good work. Congrats!

Love your fiber room. What a great place to spin. Hope your ordeal with the chickens and snow won't happen again. I'm sure that was stressful for sure.

Wow! Fabulous job on the room!

You're doing a wonderful job!

When you are done with the reorganizing bug could you send it my way? I seriously need some motivation!

I had said your room looked as messy as mine, but not anymore! Looks great--and might motivate me to do something about my mess. Thanks, Margene!

You want to do my place next after you finish the rest of that room?! ;)

That looks wonderful! And familiar! Sending you hugs across the interwebs.

It looks terrific! Please send that crazy reorganizing bug to my house - I want a studio that looks so nice and inviting. :)

When you are done how about you come help me tackle my fiber room?!? ;-)

What a nice fiber room that is! I have a nice one too, but its been sadly neglected.

You had a heck of a day with the dear chickens!

Your room is looking fantastic.

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