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October 13, 2010


Although the sweater yarn and pattern are beautiful, I think your sock needs you now. Falling behind with a mystery is no fun. Maybe an audio book or some music will help?

The Henley sweater is Kim's Opulence will be fantastic. I know it will be flattering on you and that color is my favorite of all the ones Kim creates. I'm knitting both mystery socks at once (on separate needles, though) and I'm done with the Little Boxes on both legs and just getting to the Tiny Trowels part. I hope I don't fall behind!

I love your Henley. It's so pretty and it looks so soft! As for the sock? You must soldier on, dearheart. One sock is not near enough!!!!!!!

You and I are in the same boat. I lost steam so to speak after the first TTL sock. I too hope I don't fall behind. I have 2 other WIP's calling me and getting in the way. Love your Henley!

The blue yarn is gorgeous!

I'm in baby blanket mania and can only admire your beautiful sock. I downloaded both clues, selected the yarn, put together my little sock project bag, but alas, the baby blanket is taking priority as a beautiful little girl is waiting for its warmth. I do love this year's sock pattern and have something fun to look forward to. Your Henley = perfect! What a color!

If I had to choose to colors that say, "You," these two would be they!

Henley's such a gorgeous blue!

Bet if you allotted an hour a day to each project, you'd get em both done! Gorgeous colors!!

I, for one, will be delighted to see your Henley in blue jeans, but I'm okay with waiting till you catch up on the Mystery Socks!

I wish everyone could see your sweater in person - it is truly amazing. The yarn has so much life, and a camera can never do it justice.

I really love the Forever in Blue Jeans color. Can't wait to see that sweater finished.

This mystery sock isn't going as fast for me either. I think I know why but I'm trying to stay positive. Let's hope we are both ready for the new clue on Friday.

Put down that sweater and pick up the sock. You'll be caught up before you know it.

I just got the henley pattern - can't wait to see your finished sweater!

Looks good!

Hmmm...I do not have much advice on getting socks to grow, no matter how lovely the yarn or color. Also, the wonderful yarn and color of the new sweater would be hard to resist. Maybe socks for on the go knitting, and sweater for at home?


Well, you're way ahead of me on the sock, since I haven't even cast on yet...
Can't wait to see Henley!

Your Mystery Socks are BEAUTIFUL! I switched yarns (my first was too variegated), so I'm catching up too!

I've been admiring Anne's Henley as well.
love love love this yarn!

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