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September 16, 2010


Your Motte is so beautiful! It reminds me of a sunset -- a perfect, stunning sunset. I love the patterns in Mim's book, and I can't wait to try some of them for myself.

You are so right that many of the projects in Mim's books are suitable for handspun. Thanks for the reminder! I need to knit with my handspun more often.

THAT'S MY GRRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you can do anything! Beautiful little shawl. I'm glad for your recovery.

Happy spinning and knitting, Chery

I love the colours of your Motte. And it is a very good idea to knit a scarf from side to side - that way you can use up as much of your precious handspun as possible.

Lovely Motte! I'm thinking that you might want to leave the white cowl white. How pretty would that be?! XO

Thanks for Networking your blog. Now I see it!

I love the Motte you did for her - it really is beautiful.

Mmmmm.... cormo = yummy. If you decide you want me to throw it in a dye pot, just yell. That's one of my favoritest fibers.

Beautiful shawl. What a lovely reminder of just how much you can do and push through. Invincible even.
I've not taken on spinning. I know I would love it, but oy, I don't think my home has room for more fiber!

Motte is so, so lovely!!

Beautiful shawl! Yay Margene's back! I always knew you could do anything! Sometimes the struggles we go through only make us better and stronger - it's just so hard to remember that as we're going through them! luv ya lady!!

No kidding: you can do anything!!
; )

I think the cowl might be very lovely left in white, too.

Indeed, you can do anything... You. Are. Woman!

Motte is beautiful. I really love those colors.


I'm so glad you're feeling like spinning again. No spinning content here always makes me a bit sad.

Of course, you can do anything. Was there any doubt?!


I so love all Mim's patterns, but the Comfy Shawl is getting a lot of attention from me lately.

You are invincible!!! Knit and spin on and on and on!

Its so beautiful, and looks just great in the book (and in real life I bet).

Ooh ... lovely!

That is just the perfect blend of pattern and yarn. Very fine!

My wheel has been unloved for some time, but its pull is definitely strengthening as the weather turns towards autumn.

Motte is lovely! Summers are hard, and if the craft doesn't call, it is not a good thing to try to flog it. The fall weather makes the fibery things make much more sense.

Beautiful! I always think that my finished objects with handspun are so much better than the skeined yarn. The knitting hides a lot of ills!

What inspirations! I have a lot of handspun yarns to match with small projects later this year.

And in your own handspun, too! Even more amazing!

It's true--knitting with your handspun does let you know how well you are spinning, and you are fabulous!

Of course, it is always great to spin for the experience, too.


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