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September 10, 2010


Be still my heart!! With every word I read it was beating faster and faster! Too many exciting new things in one post! I LOVE it!!

Wow, that is an awful lot of interesting information. I need to digest this over the weekend. Thanks!

A great summation of recent events in blogland. I love that new sock of Amy's too.

You have the coolest friends, grrl. What creative talent everywhere you turn!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!! Oh, and happy happy Friday!

Thanks for the nice nod! I hope the mag is interesting, entertaining and fun!

The weather did NOT look nice in your neck of the woods yesterday. :P

I didn't realize that Mim had a book out - thanks for the heads up!

The Pandora should be the perfect enticement for Mr. Mojo's return. It's so perfect, in fact, he may decide to put down roots for the fall.

Thanks for the sock pattern recommendation!! I'm looking forward to socktober!

Verrrrry interesting.......! Much to check, much to ponder. Have a nice weekend!

I just Mim's book last weekend at Great Basin! I can't wait to start something from it! Everything is simple gorgeous!

I LOVE Mim's book and I haven't even knit anything in it yet. You've given me a lot of knitting stuff to check out...so I'd better get busy! :-)

Oh, swoon. I'm drooling here! Kim's yarn. Mim's book. Off to check all your links. . .

A linkity post! Chris is rubbing off on you.

A veritable wealth of information!! Thanks for all the great links! And welcome back, Mr Mojo.

Exciting, mojo-inspiring, and tasty!


A treasure trove of good information! I am glad you are busy and happy.... pictures all in due time.

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