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Ok Norma, if you insist, I'll blog about the harvest of beets and onions Smith brought home from the garden.  He's been working hard and we've enjoyed the rewards of fresh lettuce (many times over), radishes, beets, and onions (so far).  Not surprisingly, we're learning as we go and next year we'll know better how and where to plant the vegetables we love.  This is the second harvest of beets and when I told Norma we were a little nervous to plant more, she said to "go for it".  Hopefully this won't be our last crop because we love fresh beets!

Since we had fresh onions as well, I looked around for a recipe that would work with both and found this recipe. Plus, we had to use the added bonus of fresh beet greens, so I found this recipe. The dish was so good we had it two nights in a row!


I've had rotten luck with beets. Not too sure why other than maybe not planting the seeds soon enough and maybe not enough sun. Yours looks wonderful!

What beautiful pix! I just told Norma I wasn't much for beets until I roasted them. I adore roasted beets.

I love fresh beets! We got some from our CSA last week - yummmy!

They look both beautiful and delicious! Yum!

Yum!! Love beets.

Mmmmm... that looks awfully good!

Very colorful! I'm not a beet fan, but they are pretty.

That looks delicious!

Those look like mighty lovely beets! I love beets. I don't usually grow them myself, but I pick them up regularly from our Farmer's Market.

Aiiiieeeeee!!! Beets here, too???? LOL! Why can't I be a normal person and like beets? I'm being beaten with beets! LOL! OTOH...my zucchini is blossoming beautifully. :-)

Your second harvest? This is growing very fast, isn't it? I love beets and the recipes look delicious.

Looks delicious!

Mine are still so tiny. Maybe I'll try another planting.

Said it on Facebook, and I'll say it here! YUMMY!

That is one beautiful salad! I'm one of the beet gaggers but willing to try again :^) those beets in your salad don't appear to be bleeding all over everything.. hmmmmm. :^)

Looks like you guys are having a blast with your garden! The beets look scrumptious!

I have boiled, steamed, sauteed, and grilled beets, and also put them in beef stew. I can honestly say that they taste the same no matter what you do with them.

I think I'll make a quick supermarket stop this evening.

Re: the greens. I don't bother with the blanching stuff - simply wash/rinse, shake off excess water and into the saute pan with the yummy olive oil and some garlic. If the stems are long, chop 'em and give them a bit of a head start in the pan. One fewer pot and one step closer to dinner!

That dish looks scrumptious! Our beets are still pretty small here..

I blame you, Norma, & Anne Hanson because one of the things I'm looking for in a new house is a good spot to garden. I'm thrilled with my herbs & lavender, but at the next place I'm going to grow food too.


I love beets too and enjoy a new recipe, thanks for the link. The picture of your dish is very appetizing and the gardening stories make me want my own garden even more.

I had a lovely dinner with a fresh, tasty salad from my friend's mom's garden last Saturday. Then we all went out and spent a good half an hour in the garden, picking what was left of the peas, the first wave of raspberries (I'm shocked, too) and imagining what to do with the potatoes, melons, cukes, tomatoes and onions coming up. His beets aren't ready yet, but yours look just right!

looks wonderful!

Mmmmm, perfect...save this post for later in the week when we REALLY get crankin' about the beets. I'm so tickled to see you and Smith going full guns in the garden. Keep it up!!!!

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