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February 15, 2010


New socks!!!! yay!!! And, they are beautiful! And, Milkweed is beautiful, too. Congrats, girl!!!!

Very pretty! I went away from blue for a while, but I'm rediscovering it with all these beautiful shades.

What gorgeous blues! Your shawl came out perfectly. I love it!

The blue of that shawl is amazing! And the Nutkins look very cozy indeed. :)

Blue Booty! The shawl is lovely. Perfect color to encourage the spring sky.

Love all that work you finished. Wow - you're amazing. I had to do a double take on the socks - as I thought they were the same at first. Two great pairs - in similar yarn from such different sources. How cool is that? Great work!

Two new hand-knits to wear and enjoy. Nice work on both of them.

both are beautiful - i am going to re-knit nutkin, as the first pair was done with some yarn that didnt last - plus i opted for the short row heel - which i knew was a mistake while i was knitting it - oh why dont we listed to our inner voice - i love that shawl pattern, its in my favs -

Beautiful -- from tip to toes! Love the blues. Love them.

Lovely shawl - I *heart* Casbah, it's so soft and cozy!

Beautiful socks! Lovely colors :o)

What a beautiful Blue Monday!!! FOs! Way to go!

Your Milkweed is gorgeous! Such a beautiful blue and a perfect pairing of pattern and yarn.

They're both terrific! It's nice to see you knitting socks again, and those are really cool. Pretty Milkweed!

You are very welcome, I am glad you enjoyed the yarn and love the resulting shawl and it is indeed beautiful!

The socks are lovely too and you are so productive, great jobs.

I just love those socks! And the shawl is fantastic, of course. I queued that one up a while ago but I keep forgetting about it.

Just pretend the sock pattern is SUPPOSED to spiral.

beautimous!! both of them.
and that gorgeous blue shawl makes me want to get my own fingers crackin on my shawl ;-)

Casbah is one of my favorite yarns to-date. Gorgeous little shawl!

Hooray for sock mojo! I'm trying to resurrect mine, but all he wants to do is lie on the couch! Great looking FOs!

Way too go..Looks like you're going into 2010 in high gear..very beautiful!!

Love the shawl and the socks.

I love the Milkweed shawl and yours in blue is really blue-tiful like you'd say ;-) Nice job!

I am delighted to see you were able to get two blue FOs ready this weekend! What a terrific feeling that must be. I love them both and agree about shawls of just the right size... so beguiling.

Hurrah for finished shawls and socks!

Love them both! I just started a pair of nutkins, haven't gotten too far yet, but love it so far. I have Milkweed waiting in the wings, just looking for the right yarn in my stash, as that is the only place I am allowing myself to shop for yarn these days ;)

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