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January 05, 2010


That sweater is just wonderful.. (wanders off to buy pattern..) and looks lovely on you! I would say it was definitely worth all the struggle!

I especially love the collar. And the pattern. Love the cables. And the bottom pattern. Love the color. Love how it fits you. Love how it looks on you. Love that it's a power sweater.
yes. I like it indeed! ;)

Now how about taking that Power Sweater on a Power Lunch? It's great. Love the color, pattern, style, fit and pictures. Wear it well.

That first picture is fabulous!

Beautiful sweater, looks wonderful on you, and, more importantly, YOU look great!

Miss BB looks fantastic on you. I love the collar and the cable detail down the back of the collar. Beautiful work Margene!

It REALLY looks great on you! You should send a photo to BonneMarie (Chicknits). She loves to see FO's of her patterns. You did a superb job.

It's fantastic! The color and style are so flattering and your hard win to get it done makes it even better.

Yay! I love the wyathe back of the sweater looks on you. Enjoy! Power ON!

Yup. You look fabulous in your fabulous sweater, dahling. I love it. And, you are lookin' terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful! You look full. Haven't seen that in a while.

Miss BB looks fabulous on you! Glad to see you able to stretch your arms nice and wide again!

I said it before, but it's, "Bluetiful!" Great, great, great!

Love the look. The blue is a warm blue and that collar is amazing. You look marvelous. Well done!

This sweater will always be special to you, it will remind you of your strengths in overcoming the obstacles of 2009. As I told you on ravelry....it's is beeutifu and ao are YOU in it!

Now see I've looked at that pattern and didn't like it until I saw it on you. I like the length of it better than the pattern picture. It looks like it fits you perfectly and is very flattering.

Sigh, so many things to knit.

It looks fab, Margene, and so do you!

Brava! Miss BB is a beauty and looks beautiful on you. YOU look wonderful!

You look fabulous and the sweater is lovely!

I can see why it's your favorite. It's looks fantastic on you!

You and Miss BB look divine together!

First I saw that marvelous smile, then I saw that freedom of movement, and then I saw why. 'tis a lovely thing, this sweater!

WOW! And, it may be the most flattering. Mine is on hold. I am quite sure to be short of yarn, it is not repeatable and I haven't decided if it would be good as a 3/4 or vest. I may just start another. I like the pattern so much. Congrats!

Margene, you look fantastic! Beautiful sweater!

Yep! It's POWERful good! :-) It looks great on you. And the collar! Oh, I love that collar. I've been thinking about my next "big" project. . . and now I'm thinking that I might need a Miss BB of my very own. Fabulous, Margene!

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