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November 16, 2009


You certainly gave it enough of a chance to see if they could be right together. Perhaps it was good that you had the opportunity to knit a yarn/pattern combination that did not work when your brain was not ready take on more. No matter how many times I type that, I cannot get it to read the way it does in my brain.

Anywho, you get to enjoy this yarn again either before this year is out, or as the next one begins, and it will be a wonderful snuggle by your neck and shoulders when the time is right.


Oooh, how awful! And how brave to admit it! I think I might have hidden the cardigan in a dark corner and ignored it for at least a year. But that would be such a shame, because the yarn is so wonderful. Much better to knit a lovely shawl out of it.

The river Denial always leads to Victoria Falls eventually. Glad you bailed in time as painful as it was.

Yup. I just did the very same thing. I'm so much happier after I ripped mine and restarted. That yarn is so pretty. Hope you had a good weekend, dearheart!!

That's a shame but at least you feel better about it now. I hope Miss BB is still going along well!

That beautiful yarn kept after you until its message was heard! It wants to be a shawl and I imagine you'll love that!

Maybe call it a mondo swatch? At least you know you like the yarn and the soft fabric it creates.

The end result should be what is pleasing to you..and you've made the choice that will make you happy ..it isn't a failed project..just a change of direction.

Oh, a hug from Kim all year round. That will be worth it.

It will be a cozy and warm shawl! Good for you, making the hard choice there.

Oh no! I usually have to let the failed knits cool down for several months before ripping - I admire your strength of conviction! Maybe you've given me the inspiration to rip a sweater that was a lot of work but is tragically too small. The shawl will be gorgeous.

It is a fabulous yarn. A shawl will be perfect.

You should design your own shawl for the yarn. I'll bring some of my stitch pattern books on Tuesday.

I love this yarn and was hoping to make the same sweater, but I'll let your experience inform me. Thanks!!

Oh yeah. You must listen to The Yarn. That is GORGEOUS stuff.

I loooovve Manise's comment and need to file that away for future reference... I bet you would have realized sooner if not still shaking off the drugs and shock and your body working so hard to regain strength. Falling in love with a yarn or a pattern is never a bad thing, but may only be infatuation and not a happy marriage as you described. Better days ahead... Susan's right about your abilities to design your own shawl.

I sometimes think that these are the most important posts and I'm so glad you've shared -- and all the WHYs that this didn't work out. It was a revelation to me (and so empowering) when I got back into knitting and started reading blogs that even experienced knitters were sometimes lured down the garden path -- but, even more, that they'd pull up their big girl panties (or forego them altogether and do it commando), rip it all out, and try something else.

it is so hard to admit that it's not working but so satisfying too once you start something that works better and you know it was the right decision. I hope that Miss BB is working out more satisfactorily.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Admitting what you already know is sometimes the most painful thing. We've all fallen victim to ignoring that little voice in our head and telling ourselves that everything will be fine. Unfortunately sometimes we can't wish it to be. I'm glad you feel good about your decision and things have a funny way of working out. Whatever that yarn is destined to be will be fabulous and you'll love it even more because it will be the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern.

No time spent knitting is every wasted. . . even if we don't have a finished product to show! The yarn is beautiful, and will be so happy "reclaimed" as a shawl.

Sounds like a wonderful plan for your first-day-of-the-year project. I love that tradition of yours. I am hoping to start Gytha that day and I hope I have better luck with it than you had with this sweater.

The yarn is gorgeous and a shawl sounds perfect!
Give yourself a hug, hon...it's an odd first year after that surgery. But it gets better and better, the farther out you are...

So very, very true! I have a whole group of knitters who are good at pointing out to me when I'm pushing things too far, as apparently I'm not always good at recognizing it myself.

Wisdom. Wish it was easier found, but it sounds like you've kept your perspective. Onward!

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