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November 09, 2009


Sweet! Love that cherry. You will soon love her smoothness and versatility.

Oh, congratulations and wishes for a long and happy friendship together! I love my Matchless - we spend every evening together.

What a beautiful wheel! I'm just so jealous!

Congrats on your new beautiful wheel. And, the spinning looks wonderful. What a great way to spend a weekend!!!!!

Beautiful. Wishing you many happy hours together.

She's beautiful! Congratulations. One of her sisters is in my spinning dream. Hopefully someday. . .

What a terrific way to spend a weekend!

Wow! Cool! What fun you'll have together!

Oh, gorgeous colors!

Lovely! Congrats on your new addition!!

Woo Hoo! Congratulations! How do you like her on Double Drive? I still have mine on Scotch Tension.

NICE! It's a beautiful wheel!

You deserve something new and fun to play with. You've gone through a lot recently, so enjoy! The purple yarn is beautiful.

Such a pretty wheel. Enjoy!

Lovely wheel and spinning!

Lynn's thrums always come in handy. I'm never without a bump.

What a lovely wheel!

I've just started getting to know my girl as well. Beautiful fibers on your grrls!!

Enjoy! She's gorgeous!

I had no idea! She's gorgeous and congratulations. I love my Matchless and honestly hardly spin on my other wheels at all these days. Enjoy!
P.S. I waved to you as we flew over Utah yesterday. Did you see me?

Love cherry - she's beautiful. Enjoy!

I actually got to meet Corina before you did during a little foray to Three Wishes. Tater even gave her a little love. She's gorgeous. Lucky you.

Corina is gorgeous. Congrats on the new wheel. May you spin well together for many years to come.

She is beautiful! I know you will be making wonderful music/yarn together.

Wonderful to see you two together at last!

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