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November 02, 2009


Great socks in both colourways. The pattern looks interesting, with lots of different elements to prevent boredom (even patterning in the heel).

Those are beautiful. I haven't quite finished mine yet but I hope I will in the next day or so.

Please tell me the brand name of those shoes. I lubs them! And they look great w/ your beautiful socks. I'm currently knitting a Madli's shawl w/ Woolen Rabbit yarn. Yum.

Ooh - they are uber lovely socks. I like how you described the special feeling that comes with wearing handknit socks. I try to explain that to people - "it's like wearing a hug on your feet all day long" - what's not to like. Love those Keens, baby. They look marvelous. Have a good one!

Really nice result. I finished my first last night and hope to cast on the second one this evening. Such a fun pattern. Glad Mojo is hanging out with us all!

I'm so in love with the pair in Kim's beautiful Pussywillow colorway.

Love yours! I had to restart mine as the 72 st size was way too big- go figure. Must be the lace part that opens up quite a bit. I love Kim's yarn and yarn colors.

Beautiful pattern. The yarn just makes those socks. Warm and pretty. Can't beat that combo. If SM leaves, he will have left after 2 gorgeous pair of socks, so it won't be too bad, will it?

Square needles intrigue me. They feel "right"? Lovely socks -- they look so cute with your shoes!

Great socks!

Your socks look great!

Both pairs look fabulous!

Wow, you didn't even have secon pair syndrome! Beautiful, both.

Yes, but from whence are the fabulous shoes!?!

Bee-yew-tiful socks! :)

Your socks look wonderful! maybe you should bribe Mojy with the sight of beautiful soft sock yarns and little nicknames,,,


Nice, grey socks which should "play well" with your Noro sweatshirt. How yummy!

Very very pretty socks. Where did you get those awesome shoes? I need a pair immediately!

It sounds like you're feeling much better.

Square needles? That could be a blog post in itself! Love the Mystery Socks!

Both socks are adorable and you've got the mojo girl! I don't think the glove mojo is any threat to the socks. They will play together like nice little woolbabies.

Oh Wow, they're GREAT!

Love the socks!

Lovely socks, Margene. I knit a pair of Maelstroms with this same colorway and they are yummy!

The new socks are wonderful. Kim's yarn is always so gorgeous.

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