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October 28, 2009


I realize that it took an unbelievably long time (by your standards) to knit this sweater, due to life happening. Yet you are still quick enough to inspire most knitters!

It looks like a sweater that would make you wish for cool weather. Well done!

I'm not sure which is nicer to see...the big comfy sweater or the big smile on your face...

Nice sweater! And it looks super on you Margene! Most balls of Noro I've encountered have knots with sudden color changes. Usually it's in the opposite direction of the original color flow.

Lovely and still a quick knit by my standards.

It does look like a really nice warm sweater for the coming winter. Beautiful!

Just perfect - and I love my sweaters to be just a little big like that. So cozy!

I really love it, Margene. There's nothing quite like big and comfy and warm to make you feel all cozy.

What a perfect winter sweater! It's big and cozy, soft and warm, and colorful, too! It looks great on you. I'm so happy you're back in knitting form!

You look marvelous! And so does the sweater!

Love the sweater on you. The colors mirror the warm, cozy look of the sweater.

My goodness! Is that color in your face? WOW! You look absolutely fabulous, grrl! I do love your new knit! But, my oh my, you look so healthy and glowing!

You look beautiful and the sweater is wonderful! xo

Hurray! You're vertical!

Love it! Comfy, cozy is my kind of sweater.

Beautiful!!! I love comfy, big sweaters!

I love big sweaters. It's like a big warm hug! I love the colors. Noro is great!

Sometimes those big, comfy sweaters are the ONLY thing you want to wear! I'm making myself a big, old-fashioned cable cardigan right now for the same reason. Back in high school I wore one that Mom had made for Grampa all of the time - even though it was miles too big - and I wanted to recreate that.

Love the fun stripes on your sweater! Sounds like you made it with the same sort of attitude that I usually use with my socks!

I like it. You were smart just to let the colors happen.

I love that colorway and it looks great on you. That sweater will surely keep you warm this winter, Noro Silk garden is nice and warm!

Love the colour changes. This sweater looks like a big, warm hug.

It looks fabulous on you - love that colorway. :)

Lovely sweater! I too let the Noros do whatever they like!

Yay, Margene! Sometimes the best sweaters are the simplest. Love the colorway on you.

The sweater is gorgeous, and comfy looking, but YOU my dear? YOU LOOK MAHVELOS! How great to see your smiling face!

GREAT sweater (I love mine on the big side!) and GREAT to see you out posing again! Even if you do make me feel like a total sluggard in the knitting department. Have you tried the new wheel yet?

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