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September 30, 2009


It's so good to see you knitting again. Keep mending and make sure that you get spoiled.

I do hope that one of your girlfriends blocks your Daybreak.It will keep you warm as the chill starts, and will wrap you in sunshine. Just the colour for Autumn.
I hope you heal quickly and regain your strength soon.

If I did not live so far away, I would drop by to block Daybreak for you. The colours are lovely and that yarn is so wonderfully soft. There is a time and a season for everything, and I think the time for your Noro sweater may be the winter season. Great to see you knitting again.

Gorgeous!! The sweater is going to be so comfortable and beautiful. I love your Daybreak combination -- I've been looking at Stephen's patterns lately -- they are cool!

Another step in the recovery...knitting again...may it bring you peace and healing!

It's good to see you knitting again! I wish I could come out there and block Daybreak for you. It's a lovely shawl.

New reasons for knitting lace! Let the chest heal. You are always a groundbreaker in knitting!

It's good to see you're knitting again. Daybreak is beautiful!

I'm so glad that knitting is part of your daily routine. Not that I had any doubt, of course. I love the red in that shawl!

I'm so glad you are feeling better and picking up the needles again! The Noro and the Daybreak are lovely -- as for Rosamund, it looks like I'm on my way to a breakup with the same girl. Am sure she'll get over it though....

I always enjoy your color and yarn choices. What a talent to match yarn to pattern. Isn't knitting a soothing balm for the soul? Your enthusiasm is a sure sign of deep healing!

Such pretties!! I'll bet the knitting time has been wonderful. It's just so good to have you back!!!!!

My how your Garden grows..Your knitting reminds me of a beautiful flower garden..never knowing what will be in bloom next! All your 'pretties' must make you feel better as you recuperate..keep on mending!!!

Very pretty knitterly things...as we've said...what would we do without knitting?!!

I told DH I needed to make an emergency house call to block a shawl in Utah. He laughed. Guess that is a little far for me to come. Hope one the Utah grrls can help you.

You have surrounded yourself with such beautiful things that will help you heal each step of the way. I really love each one!

Oooo.... that yarn and Mim's Juno Regina pattern will be GORGEOUS together.

How much of the Stonechat did you use for the Daybreak shawl?

Isn't that Boticelli Red a gorgeous color! I used it recently and just loved it! :-) I feel like such a copy-cat around you. . . I have each of those projects in my queue! (Maybe it's just great minds. . .) So glad you're knitting again. It's such a healing pastime.

I've been out of the loop for a while, but wonderful to see you are on the mend and knitting can be enjoyed! Continued good wishes as you recover.

That Noro sweater is going to be absolutely fabulous! What great projects.

I was going to say.....I'm sure one of your grrls (Susan? Miriam?) would be glad to block Daybreak for you. Sounds like you might need it this week!

The Noro colours are gorgeous, Daybreak is beautiful (I hope it gets blocked soon for you), Korppi RJ is going to be breathtaking. Looking forward to seeing your new project, and am so glad you're doing so very well :^)

Shawls and scarves are all I can seem to wrap my brain around these days, so Daybreak is right UP my alley (and already DOWN-loaded)!

Continued good wishes for recovery, of course! XO

By the looks of things here in Ohio, you'll need a big cozy sweater this winter and so will I! We've even turned the heat on - set it on 66 and it's run several times already. I NEVER turned the heat on in September in Virginia. NEVER!

hurrah for lace.may there be lots of it right now ;-)
Daybreak is gorgeous - and I think that perhaps you should ship it off to one of us to block for you? (I'd be glad to if you want to pop it in the mail) The weather here has taken a turn towards fall, so I am sure that it is chilly there as well.

I'm also loving that Noro sweater!! yumm yumm

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