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August 04, 2009


I do really love that sock yarn. The color transitions look very Noro-esque. I think those square needles sound great - makes me wish I used DPN. Almost.

Such fun yarn! It's like a good mood in a ball.

Party on, Margene! You can knit sweaters when the party is over.

It might just be me, but a sock is a whole lot easier (and, in this case, funner) in the heat than a sweater. Tempest II just has to wait until the heat breaks. I'll bet Sweater Mojo will come back with the cooler temps. It seems Sock Mojo just needed intense heat to return;-D

Somewhere in your closet or seen at the store will be the perfect jeans/slacks that just cry out for this sweater to accompany them on their way!

I've always wondered about those square needles...good to know that you like them.

Your sock yarn reminds me of a colorful parrot. ;)

Very funky sock!
Thanks for the flat needle report, I'll give them a try now. :)

Thanks for the square needle report. I'd wondered about them and will seek them out now. Makes perfect sense.

I would suspect sweater mojo would return when you decide to quit knitting them. :) Or at least that's how I feel about it. I could bang out the rest of the Henley PDQ, but I'm having trouble bringing myself to work on it.

I've wanted to try one of those colourful balls of fun, and the square needles. Thanks for the opportunity to live vicariously through you.

Me thinks I need some square needles! My poor thumb seems to sometimes achieve a death grip on the needle the longer I knit in one session.
Party in a ball? How do I join in?

It seems a shame to hide those great colors under a pair of pants. I think you should be brave and wear those socks with shorts and sandals! :^)

A dump in the temperature I'm sure will reawaken the sweater mojo. And perhaps your brain needs a temporary diversion.

Would you consider committing to do one seam a day on the sweater? Then you can go back to the party knitting. Just think how quickly you could fulfill that obligation, and get on with the fun?

Who knows, a finished sweater could sneak up on you.

Wow. I love that yarn. Love it!

i think the only motivation for sweater knitting at this point in the long slog is fear of not finishing. when you're ahead just a little bit, it's so tempting to stray. and thanks for the info re:square needles, i have been very curious.

Wild fun socks!
I'm intrigued by the square needles. They seem so odd, but if it means less crampy hands, I want to give them a try. Thanks for the report.

Thank you for the info on the square needles. I've not heard from anyone who's used them until now...and now I'm curious. I may have to get a set and try them.

Don't worry about the sweater thing. Variety is the spice of life!

I wish I could help but I'm having a hard time with a sweater that I'm working on.

I'm totally I love with that yarn. Your feet will be seen from miles around.

Love that sock! I'll try those needles if they ever get a set of circs that way. Can't stand wrestling the porcupine.

What a fun yarn! Like!

Thanks for the tip on the needles--I'll definitely have to try them! As for your sweater mojo, I can identify with the lack of drive to finish, but just because you are ahead of the game with almost 9 sweaters done, doesn't mean you won't encounter some issue with one of the last 3 that takes you way longer to resolve than you expect, and then you could even end up behind! Besides, seaming is part of the Process, and it can be quite meditative in its own right. :)

So sorry I'm not a dpn girl because those sound great. the yarn is another story though. I love the way it looks. Those gradual color changes are so soft and pretty. Who can blame you for taking a break from the sweaters to play with the Zauberball? Sorry, I'm not helping you get your sweater focus back at all am I?

Two z-balls (cranberry and chocolate) are now partying away at my house...thanks for that ;) !!

Love, Love, Love the sock!!!

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