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July 08, 2009


I'm in team CrankyPants too, but I think I'm in the same boat as you as far as crank not being in my nature. I've been trying though. Good luck with all your spinning goals!

I really should just subscribe to Piecework. I seem to have a reason to pick up every issue that comes out. The alpaca silk looks divine! I'll be cheering you guys on. I'm spinning along on the days I can but PT will not let me spin as much as I'd like to just yet. Go Team Crankypants!

Those mitts will be gorgeous in that yarn. You rock my socks, grrl. I'm still sorta putzing along, but at least I'm putzing, right??

I'm certainly cranky enough for the Crankypants, but my spinning stinks. Yours is lovely!

Such gorgeous spinning! I'm pretty new to the craft and just got my first wheel. I signed up for 3 months of and Tactile Fiber Club and can't wait for the first arrival. Such yummy fiber! Spin Control rocks! Several ideas I want to try for improved spinning.

Oooh-la-la is RIGHT for that last braid. !!!

Gorgeous fiber and spinning! My goal is to spin down the stash. So far I've spun up 12 oz. Hooray!

You picked perfect colors for summer spinning! I'm sure you'll reach your goals too. :)

Oh, that Spirit Trail fiber is gorgeous!

Cashmere and silk? Num.

With such lovely fiber and your positive attitude on the team, I can see CrankyPants wearing that yellow Tour de Fleece jersey!

I was too late to get into Tour de Fleece :(. Your spinning looks GREAT!

Um, you have a fast flier for Emmylou, ya know! When I finally got around to trying it, I was amazed at how much easier it was to spin fine yarn. Just sayin'......! (Something to do with ratios and all that math crap, but it does mean a bit less treadling.)

Oh yeah...the tour....I was supposed to be spinning for that, too...

Kidding aside, I love the fiber you are working with!

Spinning must be in the air (due to the chilly weather??)
that last hank of fiber practically sizzles!!

Must. Look. Away. Too tempting. . .


I know you can turn that last hank into some amazing yarn. You've got the touch, grrlfriend.

And don't worry. I'm cranky enough for everyone on our team.


I do have faith in you! Love all the red! Spirit Trail does such nice work!

Beautiful spinning!!!

The cashmere/silk wants to come live with me. It said so. I heard it just as plain as day.

Lovely spinning as usual.

I'm trying to be cranky for the team, too, but I keep giggling and it spoils the effect...
You've got some gorgeous fiber there. More than enough to soothe the knitting pain, I think!

That roving is a gorgeous shade of red!!! Received my copy of Spin Control in the mail today. Can't wait to sit down with it.

The spinning is gorgeous! I like your color-themed TDF goal.

I have been wondering about that book. It seems like everywhere I find a mention of it, people are very positive. My grandmother just bought a wheel and is looking for good spinning book recommendations. I think I want to check out this one closer.

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