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July 21, 2009


It's so cute and I love it! I thought that the sweater would turn out well, but also that it would not be the most enjoyable to knit. I know what you mean about wool over cotton.


It's AWESOME, and I bet the pain of the process will be forgotten when you get to wear it with anything and everything. God, that would look elegant over a little black dress!

I had the same thought as Norma about the black dress - you could even make a black tank look really special with that sweater. I salute your patience, though - I don't think I could have stuck it out!

As I told you on ravelry.........I think it looks fabulous on you! Kudos to you for sticking it out and finishing it.....it was worth it. :)

Yes, it will be an interesting fashion sweater rather than a warm thing. The variation in stitches (inevitable) is part of its Japanese character. I find the same thing with my version of the kushu kushu scarf...it is what it is. Zen, y'know? :)

It's a very modern, spare look. This may not have been fun to knit, but I bet you find reasons to wear it now that you have it. Nice color too!

Another awesome piece ..and how are your fingers? It's most dazzling on you!!

That is a realy great piece but I have to admit, I don' think I can make myself do it.Also too much of a wool lover- and much less patience with my stitches than you have. Would it work in something mohair instead? or not wiry enough?
ps how do you get those ravelry yarn ball icons to appear?

Norma is so right. It would look tres chic over a little black dress. It was a knit where the process was interesting and probably a good learning experience. Very nice, quite unique, and it looks terrific on you!!

It's fabulous.

It looks super on you, great styled up or down.

I think it looks fantastic, but I definitely get you about the yarn.

It's a lovely sweater, and we all are thankful for your frank discussion about its pitfalls. Otherwise, you would tempt us all to jump right in and knit that one.

I wouldn't call them stitch anomalies - more like "rustic character". It reminds me a lot of the Elizabeth KSH cardi I knit - people seem to really find it noteworthy. Yours looks great on you and how perfect for summer wear!!

I think it's quite flattering and I'd also like to see it worn with black underneath. Understated elegance!

looks good! definitely black or deep blue underneath. i'm liking these drapier, sheerer patterns, and i bet this one could be made in an easier to embrace yarn next time.

It's fabulous, and you are a brave woman for knitting it in the first place. Wool is so much nicer.

It's cool that you tried something new. The design is very simple and elegant -- perfect for dressing up or down. I love it!!

It is flattering on you! I have to agree on it looking good with black underneath too. Great job sticking with it.

That is awesome - love it!

It looks very nice - unique but still quite wearable. Congratulations for stepping out of your comfort zone with that one, it was a successful trip. :-)

Well, I LIKE it....a lot! I think you'll wear it more than you expect, and it does look smashing on you!

Your sweater turned out great. It's neat to see how the Habu knits up. :)

It's lovely on you!

Cute sweater very different!

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